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Blindfolds: A Classic Sex Accessory

When it comes to the popularity of sex toys, blindfolds take a back seat to vibrators. But if you’re so inclined, blindfolds can deliver wonderful sexual enhancement — especially when worn by the woman. Why? One reason involves differences in male and female erotic arousal. Sexologists agree that of the five senses, sight is what […]

How to Sound Sexy, According to the Women Who Narrate Audiobook Erotica

Thanks to the success of the Fifty Shades of Grey audiobook, voice actors are finding more and more work narrating erotica — which means spending around 20 hours per project in an audio booth, heavily breathing life into Audible‘s steamier offerings. But how can people who aren’t erotica pros get more comfortable trying to sound […]

Sex survey reveals women’s Fifty Shades of Grey style experiments

  BONDAGE, role play and even threesomes are just some of the popular bedroom antics revealed in a saucy new sex survey. Women across the UK have been revealing what happens between the sheets in different regions of the country. But while 73 per cent of women living in the south east admitted 50 Shades […]

Time To Find A New S&M Icon: Charlie Hunnam Quits As “Fifty Shades Of Grey” Lead

   Announced just over a month ago as the co-starring lead alongside Dakota Johnson, Charlie Hunnman has pulled out early, right before the climax (sorry, gross) that would(n’t) be The Fifty Shades Of Grey movie – just a month before production. I guess he finally read the script and realised that he was actually signing up for […]

M&S goes S&M! Customers go wild for store’s sexy new Agent Provocateur-inspired lingerie

They’re calling it the Fifty Shades Of Grey effect. Lovers of the best-selling erotic fiction have been abandoning their shapewear and pretty broderie anglaise bras in favour of sexier undergarments. And, when M&S start going a little S&M, then you know the trend has reached the mass market. Amid their flesh-toned T-shirt bras you’ll find […]

I’m a bit kinky with some unusual fetishes

Brisbane Times advice column: Q. On the surface I’m a great bloke. I’ve been dating this wonderful woman (we’re both mid 40s) and we’re at the stage where I’m confident we will have sex – the tension is palpable. However, I have a hidden dark side, being a bit kinky with some unusual fetishes. Do […]

Can erotic fiction enhance your love life?

With the increase in erotic literature that seems to haemorrhage out of the adult book section in book shops, I wondered whether reading erotic fiction can actually help your love life? With a friend whose partner got jealous of her reading the Fifty Shades Of Grey because she spent her time reading instead of having […]

Ex-porn star releases new erotic book

With her first erotic novel, out in Brazil this week, US ex-porn star Sasha Grey says she aims to forge a new path in literature while promoting women’s self-empowerment. The 25-year-old was mobbed by 1 000 fans Wednesday at a launch in Sao Paulo for The Juliette Society, — a book she hopes will emulate […]

Research Finds ‘Fifty Shades of Grey’ Perpetuates Violence Against Women

“Fifty Shades of Grey,” the best-selling novel that’s promoted as a tale of erotic romance, actually perpetuates the problem of violence against women, a new study finds. Reporting in the Journal of Women’s Health, Amy Bonomi and co-authors conclude that emotional and sexual abuse is pervasive in the novel, with the main female character, Anastasia, […]

Lawyer says guards gave erotic ‘50 Shades of Grey’ novel to detainee at Guantanamo prison

By Associated Press,August 21, 2013 GUANTANAMO BAY NAVAL BASE, Cuba — A lawyer for a Guantanamo Bay prisoner says guards in the highest-security wing of the prison gave his client an apparently contraband copy of the erotic novel “Fifty Shades of Grey.” Lawyer James Connell says prisoner Ammar al-Baluchi had only recently heard of the […]

‘Smart’ Toy Vibrates to Erotica

SAN FRANCISO — Unlike most vibrators, “the world’s first smart vibrator” Vibease doesn’t forsake your largest sexual organ — the mind. Vibease purports to titillate neurons (along with your nether regions) through its ability to alter its intensity and rhythm based on the content of erotica downloaded from its mobile app store. “If the voice […]

Jodi Ellen Malpas ‘overwhelmed’ at erotic novel’s US success

Jodi Ellen Malpas’s erotic This Man trilogy has taken off in the US Erotic novelist Jodi Ellen Malpas was “overwhelmed” when sales of her book outstripped best-selling authors including Dan Brown and James Patterson. For a former health and safety officer who had self-published, it was a huge achievement. She released the first of her […]