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Masturbativ. Episode 43 of 250. Pre-release preview

Masturbativ Writing the code of a corrupt human Watch film Script  Do you ever wonder if loneliness is a truth or a war? Like North Korea it is a state that defies negotiation Loneliness is a relationship with oneself in itself Allowing conscience to crawl from under the bed and say fuck it if I […]

How I Loved, And Lost…More Than My Keys

  How many times Have I walked away from love I can’t count The times I don’t remember What I didn’t have Inside of me I have only been in love Once before now I fucked it up Threw it away And it hurt There were Curtains of rain An empty pain Tear stained pages […]

Do You? Pervert

So…. On A Lighter Note, Society Says If You Have Looked At A Photo Of A Naked Lady Recently You Might Be A Pervert Just Saying – Episode 43.1: Perve02 Preview Long Title: Everyone’s A Pervert. Sorted. Good Meeting. Same Time Next Week? Strapline: Me Watching You Watching Me By: Missy Jubilee – Pre-Release Script […]

Gorgeous Girl Watch: SARA MALAKUL LANE

Introducing LA based English/Thai super babe Sara Malakul Lane. She’s not just a pretty face, having flexed her acting skills in a fair few big movies such as 100 Degrees Below Zero (2013) 12/12/12 (2012), Belly of the Beast w/ Steven Seagal (2003) and Sharktopus. That’s all fine, well and good, but there’s just no getting past that pretty face though.   That face. […]

Subculture. Episode 27. Full script

  Watch video Subculture. Lou Reed, me and the faggot junkies Just a perfect day, you made me forget myself Go back to dream land You can come out of this a whole person In 1956, 12 years before my grandmother was committed to a mental institution for the first time On the other side […]

Nominate A Hot Rabbi

Jewrotica.org – a website whose specialty is, well, Jewish erotica – has started a unique ranking of Jewish clergy: it’s looking for “The Hottest Rabbis of 2013.” The “first annual” competition is looking for “sexy rabbis worldwide” who will be recognized for “their raw awesomeness.” Criteria include intellectual prowess, involvement in social action or similar […]

‘The Married Kama Sutra: The World’s Least Erotic Sex Manual’ Is A Warning For Couples Everywhere

  You’ll all be familiar with the term ‘honeymoon period’ – that point in a relationship when two people are blissfully happy, can’t keep their hands off each other and haven’t become submerged in each other’s faults. Well – without wanting to sound negative (oh, too late) – it won’t last. After the honeymoon period […]

Chain’D Preview released

Watch video    

Script for Swooon

This is the script for Swooon which be be released on Vimeo on Monday. Swooon is part 2 in a sexual submission triptych. The three films short films deal with: Vaginarama – submitting the societally imposed shame Swooon – submitting to a person with which there is shame associated Chain’D – submitting to a fantasy […]

New Trailer For ‘Salinger’ The Doco On The Mysterious Life Of JD Salinger

Hedonist, bon vivant, literary prodigy, tortured soul, closested genius? Just who was JD Salinger, author of The Catcher In The Rye, creator of the most relatable coming-of-age icon, Holden Caulfield? Was he just a goddamn phony, for chrissakes? Salinger, Shane Salerno‘s in-depth documentary 9 years in the making, investigates Watch trailer Related articles A Documentary […]

Why are so few men writing erotica?

RJBlain to Nobilis Reed, male erotica author: To be honest, you’re the only male erotica author I know. Are men who write erotica really so rare, or am I just surrounded in a sea of talented women? Nobilis Reed:  They may not be as rare as you think they are. First of all, there are […]

Christy Turlington Is Back For Calvin Klein Underwear

Has anyone actually confirmed that Christy Turlington is not a futuristic robot sent back in time, specifically to flip off the ageing process and make people be super in love with her? Just curious… Watch Christy Turlington for Calvin Klein Fall 2013 Pedestrian Related articles Christy Turlington and Calvin Klein (lovebykimb.wordpress.com) Christy Turlington Is Hotter […]

Smooth pleasure in ‘Erotique’ video mix

This clip stars Caprice and Francesca. You might remember Caprice from the last of these three masturbation scenes. Usually, in music videos, the girl on girl action is depicted differently, usually involving ugly underwear and violent butt shaking. That’s why I think that using cool porn like X-Art’s is a fun way to illustrate a music […]

Here’s What One Woman Thinks Is The Worst Thing We Do To Girls. Many Women Will Agree With Her.

Hey, here’s a crazy idea: How about society stops teaching girls to be ashamed of their sexuality and who they are, and starts encouraging girls to be strong, opinionated, bad-ass individuals instead? Here, let Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie break it down for you in seven gifs.

The Secret Lives of Erotica Writers

Who are the people behind erotic fiction, those accounts of racy affairs and clandestine romances so often stashed away in secret, read in the privacy of one’s home? Increasingly, photographer David Woolfall discovered, they’re women. But they’re not who you might expect. “Easy to imagine they would be foxy, leather-clad mistresses, whip in one hand, the other […]

Fashion Fetish

This film was directed by Marie Schuller, SHOWstudio‘s head of fashion films, for the Fashion Fetish series. Titled “Oyster”, the film explores an exhibitionist fantasy in the London metro and conveys a very dark and mysterious atmosphere. Like a ghost, model Anita De Bauch imagines herself getting naked and dancing in front of the other passengers, something I think we’ve […]

Why Do DJs Love Sex (Sounds) So Much?

It happens out of nowhere. You could be standing next to a subwoofer or just on your morning commute. One minute you’re grooving to some phat bassline, starting to wiggle a little bit, when the boom-bap suddenly bursts into nasty, disgusting sex sounds. Not just clips of heavy breathing, but fully-fledged moaning, groaning, and grunting […]

Lesbians rule the Planet

Oh look. It’s two females. Naked. And they’re touching. And looking at each other. This must mean this photo was taken just seconds before they started having sex with each other. If the proportion of naked girls touching in artistic photos indicated the size of the lipstick lesbian population, statistically, there would be no room […]