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‘Nymphomaniac’ raises questions about sexuality

   The entertainment world is abuzz with the release of a video featuring actor Shia LaBeouf performing a variety of simulated sexual acts with his female co-star Stacy Martin. The clip which was pulled and then re-released on Youtube, is part of a series of teasers for Lars von Trier’s controversial erotic film ‘Nymphomaniac.’ The […]

Japanese mushroom commercial with erotic overtones nears 3 million hits on YouTube

In Japan, Hokto is to mushrooms what Chiquita is to bananas: a household name that people know but aren’t overly excited by – until now! The mushroom growers have been releasing an increasingly sexy line of commercials that seem to get pulled from the airwaves soon after debuting. The latest one, titled “Splendid Mushroom Kinkatsu,” […]

UK.gov forks out £250k to rescue erotic novelists from pirates

A government tech quango has handed £250,000 of taxpayers’ cash to a British firm which fights to keep erotic fiction, among other things, out of the hands of copyright pirates. The Technology Strategy Board selected MUSO.com to receive a lucrative Smart Award in the hope it will use the cash to turn thieving internet scoundrels […]

Erotic weather girls: young iraq’s latest pop culture obsession

What makes patrons in Baghdad’s cafes stop, stare and change the channel, even during a big football match? The local weather report. But it’s not the weather that’s interesting. It’s a new generation of tightly-clad, glamorously-attired, “erotic” weather presenters. All of a sudden, the busy café in Athamiyah, a suburb of Baghdad, was quiet. Even […]

Robin Thicke still surrounded by naked girls

 Singer of the supremely catchy, but also slightly rapey jam ‘Blurred Lines’ Robin Thicke looks to be becoming something of a one-trick pony. But when the “trick” in question is surrounding yourself with drop-dead gorgeous women of the particularly naked variety, well, who can blame him? Fresh from a stint as Miley Cyrus‘ twerk-support structure, […]

Watch What Happens When A Woman Propositions Strangers For Sex

  In what would have to be one of the most fascinating and comprehensive sexual surveys since The Kinsey Reports, YouTuber Whatever and his lady friend have canvassed and compiled the responses of 100 women and 14 men who were asked whether or not they’d engage in coitus with either ready and willing party.  The […]

Erotic figurines new source of online porn

The Watch Internet Network (WIN) yesterday said that complaints over pictures of erotic figurines have risen dramatically recently, and that the pictures have become another source of Internet pornography. Internet pornography was the No. 1 source of complaints about Internet content, accounting for 46 percent of the complaints it received from August last year to […]

Blue Is the Warmest Color

Based on the cult graphic novel by Julie Maroh, Abdellatif Kechiche‘s film Blue Is The Warmest Colour has been rippling the appetites of film critics (and opposing prude haters) since its historic victory at Cannes this year, securing the Palme D’Or for best director and best actress—the first instance in the award’s history.  The French bildungsroman […]

Leg Warmer Porn

“I’ll squander the hours I should be working trolling the internet for pictures of women whose leg warmers have been spattered with semen. You could call this my kink.” – Lewis “Teabag” Miner, Home Land Legwarmers piss me off in a way that other types of “let’s forget it never happened” fashion fads don’t. Because […]

Suicide by social media

Vice  In September of this year, a 15 year old girl named Amanda Todd from British Columbia posted a video onto Youtube wherein she detailed a terribly fucked up story with Bob Dylan-esque cue cards, of how one internet pedophile had deliberately destroyed her happiness. You can get all of the painful details from the video, but […]