Sex survey reveals women’s Fifty Shades of Grey style experiments


Dominating in handcuffs

BONDAGE, role play and even threesomes are just some of the popular bedroom antics revealed in a saucy new sex survey.

Women across the UK have been revealing what happens between the sheets in different regions of the country.

But while 73 per cent of women living in the south east admitted 50 Shades of Grey inspired experiments with bondage, role play and threesomes, the survey, conducted by erotic publisher Totally Bound, showed women in East Anglia were most likely to keep in simple.
They were shown to be the coyest when it comes to sex, with almost half (43 per cent) saying they had not experimented with their partner – more than 10 per cent below the national average.

36 per cent said they wouldn’t even discuss their sex lives with their partner, although 59 per cent said they fantasised about sex once a week or more.

The new survey found almost 70 per cent of British women liked to experiment inside and out of the bedroom, including sex toys, doing the deed in public and using food to make time between the sheets more memorable.
Women in the West Midlands were the busiest between the bed covers, Welsh women were found to be the most comfortable discussing their bedroom exploits with friends.

But the majority of British women do keep a stiff upper lip, with 67 per cent saying they were reluctant to talk to their partner about sex.

And the humble missionary position is still the nation’s favourite, with just over a third saying they preferred it.

The survey also found the younger generation were most likely to be adventurous while the over-55s tended to be more conservative.

George Clooney was the ultimate fantasy sexual partner, with rugged Hugh Jackman winning the hearts of Scottish women.

And Mr Darcy was the top women’s favourite fictional hero, although Scottish women plumped for ruthless James Bond.

A spokesperson for Totally Bound, the erotic publisher which conducted the survey, said: “We’ve conducted extensive research to thoroughly understand what UK women want when it comes to real and imagined sex.

“We discovered that there’s a real appetite for provocative and well-written stories about sex, love, empowerment and relationships.”


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