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Alyssa Arce. Hot new talent

Let me tell you something about 21yo Alyssa Arce – she DOES NOT MIND taking off her clothes for the camera. So, you know… We’re not very mad about that at all, because she looks great in her skin and Playboy and photographer bad man Terry Richardson seems to agree (whether you think he’s a creep or not, he’s […]

Sex toy master has thousands of dollars in erotic toys stolen

OTTAWA — The thrills quickly vanished at a sex play party in Gloucester Saturday after more than $3,000 in jewelled butt plugs, collars, whips and more were stolen from the back of a truck. Police haven’t been notified. Why? It’s a bit of secret. Jay Blackshire is an active member of the BDSM community. While […]

Trucker wearing a rubber suit and a mask died in his bedroom after inhaling gas used in auto-erotic asphyxiation

A trucker died in his bedroom after inhaling gas used in auto-erotic asphyxiation, an inquest heard. Andrew Greenough, 59, was found slumped in his chair by his wife Susan at their home in Reading, Berkshire. He was wearing a rubber suit and a mask, while cylinders of gas were discovered by his side. Mrs Greenough […]

Self-Sabotage: The Enemy Within

We all get in our own way occasionally and some people do it repeatedly, whether it’s procrastinating, drinking, or overeating. Self-sabotaging behavior results from a misguided attempt to rescue ourselves from our own negative feelings. Are you sabotaging yourself? Some people drink, some procrastinate, others are just way too modest. How do you get in […]

Graphs Show the Changing Popularity of Porn

Charting the world’s most popular genres Sexualitics is a big data project by a group of sociologists, demographic experts, computer scientists and math experts based in France that seeks to parse human sexuality by studying huge datasets and tracking how popular different genres of porn video uploads are. Using every video uploaded to the popular adult […]

Spanish police apologize for ‘erotic’ first aid videos

JACA, Spain, Feb. 19 (UPI) — Police in Spain apologized for using “highly erotic” YouTube videos in a training course for life-saving first aid techniques.Police officials in the Aragon region apologized to any training course participants offended by the videos, which featured women in lingerie demonstrating the proper technique for cardiopulmonary resuscitation, or CPR, […]

Are Two Actual People Still Required For a Relationship?

Does a “relationship” still need actual people to provide sex and love? If you don’t know, the much lauded Spike Jonze film Her is the tale of Theodore, a very lonely man in the final stages of a sad, uglydivorce. Feeling down, he decides to treat himself to the new OS1, advertised as the world’s first artificially […]

Is This Libido Killer Ruining Your Sex Life?

  Leave it to sex to be unique. Most other body functions are fairly straightforward — they either need to be activated (excited) or suppressed (relaxed) to work properly. But sex is fickle. It requires both — relaxation to prepare the body for sexual arousal and excitement to plant the seed of arousal and reach […]

Mask’D Full Script

Watch film Mask’d Art has to be beautiful, but before that it has to be truthful And every artist has to learn truth through a painful private process Ritwik Kumar Ghatak (1925-1976) Ingesting life’s problems and regurgitating them as art It’s cheaper than therapy END INTRO This is not a love story My aim is […]

The Intellectual Sex Fetish

It’s S&M for Ph.D.s: Cuckolding, in which men watch their wives have sex with other guys, is catching on among people with high IQs who revel in the psychological agony. When he hears his wife moan with pleasure while she has sex with another man, Paul Pines feels bad—then good. When Paul’s wife tells him […]

The Two Best Questions For Your Sex Life

Often, the questions we ask of ourselves are what finally carve the shape of our lives. A great question excites us, opens new doors, and invites both compassion and curiosity. I’d like to offer two such questions about sex. Your answers will teach you rich lessons about your sex life—and more. These two questions are simple. […]

Full script for episode 28: Membrane

Click here to watch film Warning If you have not seen any of my films Or you have not followed the story to date I highly recommend you do not watch this film I would suggest something easier Like the sweet embrace of alcohol, snuggling with your pets Or listening to the live acoustic version […]

Miley Does Predictable Nude German Vogue Cover

  Serial boob Miley Cyrus has breasts – breasts which you’ve probably already seen, breasts you clearly wouldn’t mind having another pass at, and breasts she uses to her considerable advantage to generate both headlines and magazine sales for the March issue of German Vogue, in which she appears in a pretty, predictable editorial shot by Mario Testino and channelling […]

Cliteracy 101: Artist Sophia Wallace Wants You To Know The Truth About The Clitoris

New York artist Sophia Wallace wants you — and everyone you know — to be cliterate. “It’s appalling and shocking to think that scientifically, the clitoris was only discovered in 1998,” Wallace told The Huffington Post from her Brooklyn studio last week. “But really, it may as well have never been discovered at all because there’s still […]

Pleasure’s Place in Reproductive Rights and Our Bedrooms

How Could This Be? We’re a Sex-Obsessed Culture! We’re bombarded by hypersexualized images of women in the media, and today’s movies and TV shows are no strangers to sex scenes, so how could it be that sex is everywhere, yet silence falls on sexual pleasure? The short answer is that there’s a big difference between sexualization and […]

Erotic Book Author Zane Owes $340k in Back Taxes

Zane may be used to topping best-seller lists for erotic books such as “Gettin’ Buck Wild: The Sex Chronicles II” and “The Heat Seekers,” but the author has found herself on a list outside the literary realm. The Washington Post reports that Zane is at the top of this year’s list of Maryland’s top individual […]

6 reasons female nudity can be powerful

Lena Dunham on stage during the panel discussion for “Girls” at the HBO portion of the 2014 Winter Television Critics Association tour. (Credit: AP/Richard Shotwell) A reporter’s question about Lena Dunham’s nudity pointed to a bigger issue: Naked women can threaten the status quo Last week, in the midst of what appears to be infinite fascination about Lena […]

5 Important Facts You Need To Know To Understand The College Sexual Assault Crisis

Last week, President Obama announced the creation of a new government task force that will specifically focus on issues of rape cases on college campuses. His announcement coincided with the release of a new White House report detailing the extent of the nation’s sexual assault crisis. And thanks to the recent media attention on a sexual assault case at […]

Smart bra only unlocks for true love

In one of the more absurd examples of wearable technology we’ve seen lately, a Japanese firm has created a high-tech bra called the True Love Tester that literally snaps open only when it senses that the woman is in love. Lingerie maker Ravijour developed the bra as part of a campaign to celebrate the company’s 10th anniversary. […]

On Which Day Do Most People Masturbate?

PornHub statisticians, hailing from the US porn website Pornhub, a site where you can watch pornography, which is predominantly explicit video and pictures of human sexual organs, have released their Pornhub 2013 Year in Review. And boy is there a lot of creampie! Okay, so apparently 14.7 billion people visited Pornhub in 2013 and viewed 63.2 […]

Kansas Parents Are Outraged That A Middle School Sex Ed Poster References ‘Grinding’ And ‘Oral Sex’

Kansas parent Mark Ellis and the controversial sex ed poster A middle school in Kansas has removed a poster that used to supplement some of the sex ed curricula for eighth graders, following complaints from one parent who took his case to the press. The poster, entitled “How Do People Express Their Sexual Feelings?”, lists various sexual […]