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Gorgeous Girl Watch: Xenia Deli

  Introducing Xenia Deli of Moldova. Sounds exotic right? That’s because she is. Very very exotic. Moldova is the landlocked country mostly known for their Eurovision entries, communist roots and thankfully, now Xenia Del. Moldova remains to be the poorest country in Europe. She’s graced every dude/bro magazine (FHM South Africa/UHM/Max Italia/Sport Illustrated South Africa) in most countries so don’t […]

Stephanie Bertram Rose. Possibly the most beautiful girl ever?

Light-skinned, green eyed Belgian Stephanie Bertram Rose is the best thing to come out of Belgium since Aeroplane. Isn’t it strange how a stranger can make you feel some type of way. Her chin is the cutest thing ever.  You only live once Related articles Light Skin VS Dark Skin (latasiasmith.wordpress.com)

The sexiest parts of our bodies revealed: feet are a turn-off for BOTH sexes

    The feet have been revealed to be the least appealing part of the anatomy by neuroscientists studying the links between sex and the brain. A study conducted jointly by Bangor University and the University of Witwatersrand in Johannesburg found that feet were the lowest ranked of all 41 body parts in terms of […]

One in Four Men Surveyed in Asian Study Say They Raped

Almost one in four men surveyed in Asia said they committed rape at least once, in a study that may encourage renewed steps to prevent sexual violence. Researchers interview more than 10,000 men at nine sites in Bangladesh, China, Cambodia, Indonesia, Papua New Guinea and Sri Lanka in the first multi-country survey on the prevalence of rape, said Rachel Jewkes of South Africa’s Medical […]