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Artist targeted by angry believers

Last week author Matt Stillman woke to find “BLASPHMY” spray painted in red letters across his front step in New York City. Stillman is the author of “Genesis Deflowered,” an erotic rewriting of the King James Bible’s version of Genesis. In a phone interview, Stillman said: The vandal was obviously upset and trying to shut […]

Erotic Genesis: How one author took the Bible and added sex scenes

Who would have guessed that the Bible could be the new erotic bedside book? According to Matthew Stillman, author of  ”Genesis Deflowered,” sex before marriage, threesomes, incest, group sex, kinky fetish cuckolding, and, yes, gay sex, all make an appearance in the first book of the Bible. “There are more than 500 suggested sexual acts […]

German Churches Introduce ‘Erotic’ Sermons On Sexuality, Gay Love

Sunday sermons at two Protestant churches in Dresden, Germany, are about to get a lot more — well — sexual. According to local reports, the German churches will introduce “erotic” sermons as part of a series that aims to help rid the religious conservative reputation from the state of Saxony, of which Dresden is the […]