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What Do Men Lie About in Bed?

As Meg Ryan famously demonstrated in “When Harry Met Sally,” women can — and do — fake orgasms in bed. But a new survey suggests that it’s men who are more likely to fake the Big O — and that’s not the only thing they’re lying about between the sheets. Polling more than 1,200 of […]

Introducing the First Ever Erotic Video Game

  Video games and sex don’t really go together, IMO. In the sense that, when my fiancé plays video games, I have zero desire to have sex with him. While many chicks find guys’ gaming habits hot, I know I’m not the only gal whose vagine abruptly shuts down upon seeing a man wield an […]

Sex and video games: Virtual reality erotica may be the Holy Grail

Wicked Paradise A small company in Irvine, CA, has started working on what it claims to be “the world’s first erotic virtual reality game” for the Oculus Rift. Video games stand apart from the rest of modern technology because of the medium’s immunity to pornography. Perhaps it’s because gamers — historically male teenagers and twentysomethings […]