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Statistics On “Women & Sex”

This informational bulletin provides data on everything from women’s viewing habits of erotica to same-sex experiences. “Women make up just over half the U.S. population and are a significant percentage of our customer base,” says Chad Davis, Marketing Director for Adam & Eve. “Of course we are interested in their sexual desires and habits.”   […]

The (Mormon) Sex Girls Explain It All. Desiring to desire, oral sex and becoming stewards of your own body

  Sisters Kristin Hodson and Alisha Worthington are BYU grads, have degrees in social work and are active members of the Mormon Church. They’re also known as the Sex Girls. They’ve also written a straightforward book on sexuality, geared toward Mormon couples, called Real Intimacy (RealIntimacyBook.com). The two say their evolution into Utah’s resident LDS […]

I’m a bit kinky with some unusual fetishes

Brisbane Times advice column: Q. On the surface I’m a great bloke. I’ve been dating this wonderful woman (we’re both mid 40s) and we’re at the stage where I’m confident we will have sex – the tension is palpable. However, I have a hidden dark side, being a bit kinky with some unusual fetishes. Do […]

7 Kinky Things She Loves But Won’t Tell You

Him: Nothing? Her: No. Nothing. Him: How come? I touched it like you told me to. Her: Well, what if you, um, bit it a little? Him: You mean like this…? Her: Ouch! Cut it out! Let’s just forget about it. Hit a sexual slump? Don’t worry, it happens. It doesn’t mean there’s anything wrong with you, per se; it just […]

5 ways women can intensify their orgasm

Top tips for prolonging and intensifying your lady’s orgasm. 1. Use Deep Breathing When we use deep, conscious, slow diaphragmatic (or abdominal) breathing we allow the body to release any pent up tension and relax. This allows the sexual energy to flow more freely throughout the body, often creating the perfect circumstances for deeper more […]

When women want more sex

The stereotype is that men want more sex than women do – but what happens when it’s the other way around? Women are often portrayed as having low sex drives and that any visit to their sexy town requires more campaigning and negotiation than a UN security council meeting. But what if a woman has […]