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Sweden Rates Movies Based on Whether They’re Sexist

(Photo: Julia Savchenko; design: Lauren Wade) Most of us have been there, sitting in a dark theater, digging into a greasy box of popcorn (don’t judge), when the movie takes a turn for the terrible. Maybe the leading lady makes you cringe, because in order to save the day, she just has to disrobe for some reason. Or our […]

Public masturbation masquerades as an act of ’empowerment’

  Just when you thought the silliest thing that US Cosmopolitan magazine had come up with recently was telling women to get their boyfriends to pile refrigerated loose change on their vulvas, a piece written recently for US Cosmo’s online presence has really shot the mag into a new stratosphere of questionable “journalism”. There’s not really any way […]

Swedish male skinny-dippers warned after testicle-attacking pacu fish found in local lakes

Nude swimming in Sweden has become risky business after an invasive species of fish infamous for attacking testicles was discovered in local waters. Denmark’s Natural History Museum has issued the warning after the eight-inch (21cm) fish – a relative of the pirana – was caught in an eel trap in Oresund Sound off the south […]