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It’s all going on in Norfolk! Women in their 50s in Norwich buy more sexy lingerie than anywhere else in the UK

Norwich’s fiftysomething women are Britain’s highest spenders on lingerie Followed by Sheffield in second place and Manchester in third Women in their 50s from Milton Keynes spent least on lingerie Older women becoming more sexually confident due to shows like Sex and the City, Cougar Town and the Fifty Shades of Grey books Bedroom antics […]

Come. Full script

Watch film Full transcript of the short film Come. Bill Hicks, PayPal & the art of female masturbation Transcript kindly provided by Bernie Glynn Episode 35 of 250   A short note from the film makers If you are shocked or offended by the vision in Part One We would ask that you consider the […]

It Doesn’t Hurt to Look, Does It?

The real effect of pornography on relationships. You might think viewing pornography can’t hurt a real-life relationship. Some even claim that erotic material impacts their relationships in positive ways. So a team of researchers at Florida State University developed an experiment to determine how consuming pornography affects adults’ commitment to romantic relationships. The research team recruited college students who were […]

What Do Women Really Want?

New research challenges old ideas about female sexual desire. Sigmund Freud famously asked the question, but he didn’t have an answer. Even today, the question of what motivates female sexual desire continues to resound. Definitive answers have proven elusive. What men want we understand quite well. In general, their sexual desire is orderly, consistent, and narrowly directed. […]

Australian youths detained at Machu Picchu for embracing nude photo shoot trend

Two more Australian youths were detained by police overnight after they were caught embracing wholeheartedly the ancient new trend for unabashed nudity at the ancient Peruvian citadel Machu Picchu. Despite – or because of – recent concerted efforts made by the Peruvian Culture Ministry to curb a spate recent naked “crimes against culture” on penalty of expulsion from Machu Picchu, the two Australians, aged […]

Love and Power

Power infuses all relationships, but today there’s a new paradigm: Only equally shared power creates happy individuals and satisfying marriages. Increasingly, it is the passport to intimacy.   As water is to fish, power is to people: It is the medium we swim in. And it is typically just as invisible to us. Power is […]

The Most Loving Thing You Can Say to Your Partner

The worst thing you can do for your partner and your relationship is believe that you know how to make intimate unions work. In reality, there’s no way that any of us could know. Biology, which takes many, many generations to change, has not prepared us for love’s special challenges in our rapidly changing culture. […]

Why Forgetting the Past Can Be a Good Thing

We are not static, but our tattoos and Facebook posts are. What do Facebook, tattoos, and Google Glass have in common? They are all technologies that mark a moment in time in our life. Some leave images on the internet and others on our skin, but all of them are to a large degree permanent. The information is […]

Want To Enhance Your Marriage? An Erotica Author Suggests BDSM

Want to take your relationship with your spouse to the next level? According to erotica author Red Phoenix, the trick is embracing BDSM. In a segment on HuffPost Live Tuesday, the author told host Caitlyn Becker that experimenting with BDSM has done wonders for her marriage. “We have always been committed — we’re monogamous and […]

Perve 01 Full Script

  Perve 01 transcript Transcript kindly provided by Bernie (BeeGee) Glynn    Watch film   Glados: did you know that people with guilty consciences are more easily startled by loud noises–[train horn]— Silence. I unfriend you Night is the hardest time to be alive. 4am knows all my secrets I have come hear to chew bubble gum […]

Miley Cyrus posts erotic toy photo on Twitter and critics are nauseated

Photo by Christopher Polk/Getty Images Nothing Miley Cyrus does any more shocks the masses, or so one would think. However, according to Fishwrapper on Friday, Miley has gone too far with a recent picture of her erotic sex toy she posted to Twitter, which displays one of Cyrus’ fetishes and critics are grossed out. On […]

The Science of a Good Marriage

Why the best marriages are based on deep friendship.   If anyone understands the chemistry of a good marriage, it’s John Gottman, Ph.D. For over three decades, Gottman has interviewed almost 700 couples, recording their interactions and monitoring their heart rate and stress levels in his “Love Lab” — an apartment outfitted with video cameras and sensors. The […]

Strip club rules

There is little to like about strip clubs. Whatever beauty exists in erotic dance is obscured by layers of exploitation and oppression. Dancers pay for stage time and lack many basic labor protections. Crime flourishes under the dim red lights, as clubs become hotbeds not merely for sin, but illegality. A First Amendment purist certainly […]

During Sex, Apparently Women Become Zombie-Like And Men Are Less Aggressive

  The human body is a wonder, but perhaps the most curious and quintessential aspect of the human experience is the orgasm. The body’s sexual response is typically broken down in four stages: excitement, plateau of arousal, orgasm, and resolution. Following arousal, the brain stimulates blood flow to the genitals, your heartbeat and breathing increase, […]

Miranda Kerr strips nude in Reebok commercial

Reebok Skyscape Forever commercial features a sizzling Miranda Kerr. It’s all about the sneakers in Miranda Kerr‘s new Reebok ad. But the supermodel steals the show in the commercial when she strips down to nothing but her kicks. RELATED: ORLANDO BLOOM BUMPS INTO ESTRANGED WIFE MIRANDA KERR Kerr, 30, is seen getting home after a yoga workout […]

What No One Teaches Us About Love

Fear of intimacy isn’t a character flaw rendering us unfit for intimacy; it is part of being human. If we’re breathing, we have fear of intimacy. The real question is: How do we keep love at arm’s length, and what can we do to change that? Addressing this two-part question is perhaps the most direct path […]

Sex on the First Date? Don’t Feel Ashamed

Accepting why you had sex on a first date may help you feel more in control. Despite women’s progress in shedding some of the shame attached to their sexuality, there is an over-arching message that many women have received through time, warning them not to have sex on the first date “or it will ruin your chances for […]