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An Orgasm Just From Thinking? Researchers Say It’s More Common Among Women

To look at a woman walking gracefully in five-inch stilettos is to know that our gender is capable of some pretty remarkable things, and we’ve just been informed that for some of us, that includes having an orgasm just from thinking erotic thoughts. An article in this weekend’s New York Times delves into what sex researchers refer […]

This Is What Teenage Girls Were Taught About Masturbation In 1918

In 1918, she wrote the book, which contained advice for young women about relationships, diet, and beauty. The book was part of the “Self and Sex” series, but never shall the twain meet. Here’s a chapter of the book titled, uh, “Solitary Vice” (emphasis ours): As the reproductive system awakens to activity it naturally attracts […]

Chain’D full script

This is the full script for Chain’D, which has now been released. It will make more sense if you watch the film. Or not. 🙂 Missy x Watch video Chain’D Don’t mess with the wow Slut (noun). Woman who likes sex as much as a man Man, what is that? What a good question Can’t […]

H.2.OH script

H.2. OH. Drowning in my earliest sexual memory. A psycho porn trait ​Push. Pull. Artist. Blank canvas. Composer. Silence. Writer. Empty memories. The blanks have to be filled in. These videos are for re-opening closed cases and re-investigating old memories. I can only do that if I acknowledge I don’t have definite answers of certain things that may have happened. Not every blank is […]