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An Erotic Interpretation of the Classic Lollipop

Moscow-based creative company FIRMA Agency have put their innovative spin on an iconic brand, introducing the Chupa Chups 18+ Lollipop design. The product range consists of 3 lollipops; BDSM,Fetish and Toys. As the name suggests it is a line made up entirely of sexually suggestive components, provoking controversy and captivation in equal measures. Intimate and erotic, FIRMA’s designs refresh and modernize the candy […]

H.2.OH script

H.2. OH. Drowning in my earliest sexual memory. A psycho porn trait ​Push. Pull. Artist. Blank canvas. Composer. Silence. Writer. Empty memories. The blanks have to be filled in. These videos are for re-opening closed cases and re-investigating old memories. I can only do that if I acknowledge I don’t have definite answers of certain things that may have happened. Not every blank is […]

No. Bad idea.

This is the love child creative creation of a porn photographer and a food stylist he met in the bar last night at 4am – and the conversation went – we should work together, it’d be great. Maybe she wasn’t actually a food stylist, but owned a sandwich bar and was just bigging herself up […]