Can erotic fiction enhance your love life?

Fifty Shades Trilogy

With the increase in erotic literature that seems to haemorrhage out of the adult book section in book shops, I wondered whether reading erotic fiction can actually help your love life? With a friend whose partner got jealous of her reading the Fifty Shades Of Grey because she spent her time reading instead of having sex with him, I was sceptical. I don’t know about you, but reading is a night time activity for me, so reading something saucy before bedtime would seem the natural choice if you are in the mood for your partner to bookmark your novel!

Reading is good for the mind!

Reading is great, it extends your vocabulary and keeps your brain ticking over in your spare time, but an erotic novel just makes this activity far more appealing! So you can be safe in the knowledge that you are doing both your sex life and your intelligence some good!

Use it for talking dirty!

For those who are a little shy with dirty talk, it acts as a great way of talking filth but not actually having to be creative. If you find a bit in the book where the character is doing something you have fantasized about but have never had to guts to ask or talk about this gives you the chance! The only thing that can go against you is getting the giggles if this is out of your normal comfort zone, so try and keep them inside until it’s all over!

It has wide appeal

Erotic fiction appeals to everyone, gay, straight, male, female, single or attached, everyone can be titillated by sexy literature and therefore there is a book to suit everyone and every sex drive!

Get yourself in the mood

If your sex drive is not as high as your partners, which is usually the case with men and women, then why not try reading a saucy chapter from your book, it will certainly get you in the mood to reinact one of your favourite scenes or just to get things a little hotter between the sheets with your partner.

Boost your lost libido!

When you have been with someone for a while, you look forward to vegging out in front of the TV with a tub of ice cream and your best pair of sweat pants; however this can give you the drive to spend your evenings doing something much more satisfying!

Get some ideas!

It can act as a way of doing things you had never even thought of before! It can open you up to new sexual positions, sex toys, sexy Lingerie or dressing up, to name a few. If you are not one for being creative in the bedroom it can be the perfect thing to get your imagination working overtime! If you practice these ideas, being more adventurous in the bedroom becomes easier, less embarrassing and will lead to a plethora of other introductions to your sex time!

Get used to the lingo!

If you are not used to using some of the words or phrases in the books, then this gives you chance to verbalise some of them, the more you use them the more normal this will become the bedroom! Before you know it dirty talk will just roll off the tongue!

Role playing

Role playing is great for a bit of escapism, if your sex life has become boring and repetitive and if the characters in your book are going it well why can’t you?

Build it up

You can get erotic fiction with a soft core element or go for something a lot more graphic and dirty, so there is a level to suit the most experience to those who are newer to the genre. You can progress to the hard core stuff the more comfortable you feel after reading the softer options.

It’s good for your health!

It has been found that those women who read sexy novels have sex with their partner significantly more than those who don’t. Those who are lucky enough to be with the right partner can have multiple orgasms which reduce stress and of course burn those unwanted calories!

Hail the happy ending!

Erotic fiction will always have a happy ending, which can restore your faith in love, sex and humanity making you all round much happier!

So there you go, off you trot to your nearest book store and don’t lose your place for tomorrow night!

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