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Japanese mushroom commercial with erotic overtones nears 3 million hits on YouTube

In Japan, Hokto is to mushrooms what Chiquita is to bananas: a household name that people know but aren’t overly excited by – until now! The mushroom growers have been releasing an increasingly sexy line of commercials that seem to get pulled from the airwaves soon after debuting. The latest one, titled “Splendid Mushroom Kinkatsu,” […]

Bizarre Japanese inventions signal the future of human loneliness

A Guardian article about Japanese young people no longer being interested in sex and relationships has generated a lot of blogosphere criticism recently, primarily about Western media exoticising “weird” Japanese culture. Those criticisms duly noted, there have also been some recent Japanese innovations that seem to not only support the premise of the article – […]

Celibacy syndrome hits Japan with more young people avoiding sex

Young Japanese people are having fun, just not sex. ITS people are young, hip and know how to have a good time. But it seems when it comes to actually getting down and jiggy with it, young Japanese people aren’t having sex. A survey conducted by the Japan Association for Sex Education questioning the sexual habits […]

Porn Culture in North Korea Lends Weight to Ri Allegations

Recent weeks have seen considerable speculation over the possible existence of erotic footage of Ri Sol Ju, the wife of North Korean leader Kim Jong Eun. While it is impossible to confirm or deny the claims, which emerged out of the alleged execution of one of Kim’s former lovers, there is plentiful evidence of elite […]

Sarah Stephens strips for Black

  When we last checked in with expat Brooklyn-based, Victoria’s Secret angel Sarah Stephens, she was trying her hand at accents in a short directed by Rachael Taylor for Bonds. Today finds her in slightly more familiar – albeit damper – territory in front of Charles Howell’s lens for Auckland’s Black Magazine: a striking chiaroscuro editorial featuring a series of asymmetrical monochromatic […]