Time To Find A New S&M Icon: Charlie Hunnam Quits As “Fifty Shades Of Grey” Lead


 Announced just over a month ago as the co-starring lead alongside Dakota Johnson, Charlie Hunnman has pulled out early, right before the climax (sorry, gross) that would(n’t) be The Fifty Shades Of Grey movie – just a month before production. I guess he finally read the script and realised that he was actually signing up for the worst movie of all time? Dodged that awkward but financially lucrative bullet there, Charlie.
Despite the initial hype around Charlie Hunnman’s on-screen role as a sexually manipulative cashed up man of mystery, the metaphorical boner of its casting choices has gone limp and now the hunt is on for a new S&M icon for people with terrible taste to fawn over. Replacing Hunmman will be difficult, because as he confessed to E!, he certainly wasn’t phased by the kinky bedroom crap he would be subjected to on-screen, as he said, “I spent a lifetime preparing myself for that.” Your whole life? Dude, gross.
Doing a brief search on twitter and then unintentionally stumbling in to some hellish Fifty Shades forum, I can gather that fans are both a) pleased for some reason that Charlie Hunnam isn’t Christian Grey anymore, and b) they really want Matt Bomer to be his replacement.

Personally, I’d like to see James Franco top off his ludicrous so-called life of jarring talents and put his hand up for it. It’s pretty safe to say, however, that that won’t happen and they’ll pick someone like Bomer (one letter away from boner, amirite) or Robert Pattinson – star of Twilight, the franchise that inspired Fifty Shades of Grey in the first place.



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