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10 Sex Acts That Are Better In Theory Than In Practice

We’ve had major debates around the office over whether sex in a car is raunchy and exciting or just, kind of, been-there-done-that in high-school. But what we didn’t get to discussing were other questionably hot sex acts like road head, playing with chocolate sauce and sex in the shower. Are these things in-real-life turn-ons or are they […]

Top 10: Hookup Websites

Whether you’re freshly divorced and just dipping your toes back into the singles pool, or if you’ve been wading in the deep end for years brandishing your career bachelor moniker, you’d likely be intrigued by a list purporting to lead you by the nose to the best cyber meat markets that $34.99 can buy. You […]

Study Says One in Four Regretful Youths Experience Social Media Shame

A highly-scientific “demographically-based” survey using quantifiable, empirical evidence like ‘which emoji best represents your #feels?’ has found that one in four youths experience social media shame after posting a necessary YOLO update that they later feared could jeopardise the current or future job prospects. Basically, Future Employment FOMO. Of the one thousand surveyed American youths […]

Sex and video games: Virtual reality erotica may be the Holy Grail

Wicked Paradise A small company in Irvine, CA, has started working on what it claims to be “the world’s first erotic virtual reality game” for the Oculus Rift. Video games stand apart from the rest of modern technology because of the medium’s immunity to pornography. Perhaps it’s because gamers — historically male teenagers and twentysomethings […]

Google’s co-founder Sergey Brin has affair, splits with wife

Amanda Rosenberg has been transferred in the wake of an affair with Google co-founder Sergey Brin. GOOGLE co-founder Sergey Brin and his wife of six years, Anne Wojcocki, have split up. The girlfriend of Google billionaire Sergey Brin has been transferred in the wake of a bombshell office romance that rocked Silicon Valley. Internet side […]

Hyon Song Wol, Kim Jong Un’s Ex-Girlfriend, Reportedly Executed For Making Sex Tape

Unconfirmed reports claim the ex-girlfriend of North Korean leader Kim Jong Un was executed by firing squad along with 11 others, after the group allegedly made and sold a sex tape. Hyon Song Wol, a singer in North Korea’s famed Unhasu Orchestra, was killed by machine gun along with 11 other members of the orchestra […]

H.2.OH released

  Watch video

Catherine Zeta-Jones And Michael Douglas Separate

Catherine Zeta-Jones and Michael Douglas have taken some time apart, People magazine reports. Sources say that neither star has filed for divorce or tried to legally separate, but that “they’re taking a break.” The power couple has not been photographed together since April 22. Zeta-Jones has been seen on the red carpet alone and both […]

Are You Ugly Or Just Lazy?

Men’s grooming and fashion are multibillion-dollar industries that rely on your insecurities to stay afloat. Your anguished morning glance in the mirror is worth a lot of money to a lot of people. But here’s a little secret: In many, if not most, cases, the difference between an ugly man and a reasonably attractive man — and I’m telling […]

Oops! Sydney-based event planner posts nude selfie of himself to 2000 followers on Instagram

  INSTAGRAM is a great way to keep your friends and fans in the loop but sometimes it’s wise to stop, check… and then check again before posting photos on the social media site. Unfortunately one Sydney-based promotions man forgot this important advice on Friday when he posted an unintentional nude selfie to his 2000-odd […]

Erotic photoshoot of the sexiest couple Victoria and David Beckham

The most stylish couple in the world- David Beckham and Victoria Beckham are celebrating their 15th wedding anniversary this month. Posh and Becks together make the most the most powerful couple too. Blessed with four kids, their stardom knows no bound. The former spice girl Victoria Beckham owns a highly successful fashion line and her […]

Mylie Cyrus poses nude for campaign

Miley Cyrus Poses Nude For Marc Jacobs Skin Cancer Prevention Campaign  July 27, 2013 No stranger to the side boob Miley Cyrus has dropped everything to reveal every inch of her skin for a Marc Jacobs t-shirt, raising funds to benefit the New York University Skin Care Institute. Clever, conveniently viral, nude-celeb driven campaign you’ve got there. At […]

What We Can Learn From Bradley Manning Coming Out As Transgender

This photo, provided as evidence during the trial, shows Manning wearing a wig and make-up earlier in life. She believed that a military career might help her deny her transgender identity. Bradley Manning, who has been sentenced to 35 years in prison for leaking government and military documents,announced Thursday intentions to live as a woman, requesting that […]

Marriage Conversations You Need To Have Before Tying The Knot

  Couples that communicate openly and effectively tend to have stronger, more successful marriages. And some conversations — about things like kids, money and religion — are important to have before you think about taking that walk down the aisle. On Tuesday, we asked our followers on Twitter and Facebook to tell us the most important pre-wedding discussions […]

What Happened When I Had Sex Every Day For A Year

I just had sex every day for a year, and I didn’t tell you about it. I wasn’t even sure I was going to go into it, but here we are. *pats the empty space on the couch* It was the email that never made the emails, mostly because it was the kind of truth that stung a […]

Ex-porn star releases new erotic book

With her first erotic novel, out in Brazil this week, US ex-porn star Sasha Grey says she aims to forge a new path in literature while promoting women’s self-empowerment. The 25-year-old was mobbed by 1 000 fans Wednesday at a launch in Sao Paulo for The Juliette Society, — a book she hopes will emulate […]

Sunstone Erotic Comic Counts 20 Million Views

Will erotic graphic novels find the same blockbuster success as eBook erotica? A husband and wife team serialized a not safe for work (NSFW) comic called Sunstone on deviantART and the complete collection of artwork earned more than 20 million views from dedicated readers. Witchblade and Savage Tales illustrator Stjepan Sejic (nebezial on DeviantART) teamed up with his wife and writer, Linda Luksic Sejic (sigeel), […]

Setting a sex schedule

Rowan Pelling‘s sex advice column: He’s set us a sex schedule and it’s stressing me out QUESTION: I never used to have problems reaching orgasm, but, aged 50 and after four years out of relationships following a bad break-up, I haven’t yet managed to climax with my new man (of three months standing). He’s an […]

Research Finds ‘Fifty Shades of Grey’ Perpetuates Violence Against Women

“Fifty Shades of Grey,” the best-selling novel that’s promoted as a tale of erotic romance, actually perpetuates the problem of violence against women, a new study finds. Reporting in the Journal of Women’s Health, Amy Bonomi and co-authors conclude that emotional and sexual abuse is pervasive in the novel, with the main female character, Anastasia, […]

Miranda Kerr Stars In The 2014 Pirelli Calendar

  Preview: Miranda Kerr Stars In The 2014 Pirelli Calendar  August 14, 2013 Set the wind machine to ‘beach mode’. It’s nearing the hour when the 2014 Pirelli Calendar will be unveiled. The annual compendium of beautiful naked women – also know as the greatest marketing concept in the history of tire companies – will […]

Porno-penning candidate seeks millions from Colorado GOP for outing erotica past

WASHINGTON –  A former Republican candidate is seeking millions in damages after being forced to confront her erotica past in the heat of her Colorado Senate campaign. Jaxine Bubis claims her campaign for state Senate was derailed by members of her own party after they released allegedly pirated copies of “Beantown Heat,” a soft-core porn […]

In the shower with naked Lindsay!

 Lohan strips off for erotic thriller flop WHEN in doubt over a flagging Hollywood career, two things work wonders – stripping off or playing a mental patient. Needless to say, busty Lindsay Lohan has opted for the former, shedding her clothes faster than you can say ‘DUI’. And the redhead actress can be seen in […]

Smooth pleasure in ‘Erotique’ video mix

This clip stars Caprice and Francesca. You might remember Caprice from the last of these three masturbation scenes. Usually, in music videos, the girl on girl action is depicted differently, usually involving ugly underwear and violent butt shaking. That’s why I think that using cool porn like X-Art’s is a fun way to illustrate a music […]

Law Firm Man Sends Employee Illustrated, Laminated Erotic Poems

A mailroom supervisor at the Manhattan law firm of Cadwalader, Wickersham & Taft with a penchant for erotic poems was slapped with a sexual-harassment lawsuit. Tyrone Turner allegedly sent laminated, illustrated erotic poems to one of his female employees, Natalie Thorpe, with lines like, “I enjoy you so. Your thick legs and all of the […]

Porn on the Kindle: A Catch-22

People like to read erotic literature on an e-readers because they’re discreet. But retailers can make the smut very difficult to find. “Many of us realized immediately that, like the Internet, the Kindle was made for porn.” So wrote the pseudonymous kinukitty at my website, The Hooded Utilitarian, a while back — and the use of […]

Erotic figurines new source of online porn

The Watch Internet Network (WIN) yesterday said that complaints over pictures of erotic figurines have risen dramatically recently, and that the pictures have become another source of Internet pornography. Internet pornography was the No. 1 source of complaints about Internet content, accounting for 46 percent of the complaints it received from August last year to […]

Miranda Kerr is filthy. Rich.

Forbes have released their annual list of the highest paid ladies whose livelihood balances precariously in the clutches of looking incredible and walking without falling over, with the top ten highest earning models around the world being announced today. Based on their earnings between June 2012 and June 2013, the list probably shouldn’t necessarily be […]

Lawyer says guards gave erotic ‘50 Shades of Grey’ novel to detainee at Guantanamo prison

By Associated Press,August 21, 2013 GUANTANAMO BAY NAVAL BASE, Cuba — A lawyer for a Guantanamo Bay prisoner says guards in the highest-security wing of the prison gave his client an apparently contraband copy of the erotic novel “Fifty Shades of Grey.” Lawyer James Connell says prisoner Ammar al-Baluchi had only recently heard of the […]

Daughter of New Zealand Prime Minister in bizarre erotic photoshoot posing with an octopus

  They are self-portraits which could land any young daughter in trouble with her parents. But when your father just so happens to be a prime minister, they are all the more troublesome. These raunchy self-portraits show Stephanie Key – the 20-year-old daughter of New Zealand’s Prime Minister John Key. Miss Key is studying at […]

Swedish male skinny-dippers warned after testicle-attacking pacu fish found in local lakes

Nude swimming in Sweden has become risky business after an invasive species of fish infamous for attacking testicles was discovered in local waters. Denmark’s Natural History Museum has issued the warning after the eight-inch (21cm) fish – a relative of the pirana – was caught in an eel trap in Oresund Sound off the south […]

Sydney University bans vaginas

  In news this week: Sydney University higher-ups were shocked to discover that there were actual human vaginas on campus (the nerve!) and were forced to have them immediately hidden from view and possibly guillotined. The Sydney University newspaper, Honi Soit (which roughly translates to “shamed be he who thinks evil of it” #relevant), pitched […]

Hot men and kittens… what else?

Here’s a classic eye-candy post for you! It reunites two of the Internet’s favorite things: hot men and kittens! I have just found this French tumblr called Des hommes et des chatons and it simply made my day! Hot men and kittens, heaven on the internetz The concept is simple: just put a picture of a hot […]

H.2.OH Preview

A short preview of H.2.OH – which will be released 30th August. Watch preview  

Love Without Boundaries: The Practice of Loving Many

Originally published on The Indypendent It was several days after my birthday, and my best friend and I walked up the creaky wooden stairs into my boyfriend’s apartment. As we walked through the door, I noticed it was quiet and dark. “Isn’t someone supposed to be home?” I thought. A dozen faces sped toward me screaming “SURPRISE! I stood […]

Entirely Nude Lady Gaga Act Not Entirely Sane In A Bid To Be ‘Present’

Marina Abramovic, the world famous conceptual artist and recent collaborator of noted hyphen divorcee, Jay Z, has taken Lady Gaga under her wing to guide Gaga through the art of the “Abramovic Method”. According to the Marina Abramovic Institute (which is apparently an actual thing), the Abramovic Method is a series of exercises designed to […]

Why shower sex rules – 8 wet gifs

Shower sex is a simple but very effective fantasy and if it’s done right, it can be super hot and satisfying. As well as refreshing. Shower sex always looks so cool. It’s sexy, you’re naked but you’re not cold, and you’re standing up. However, it’s not always that… practical. But who cares, it’s a fantasy, […]

I Interviewed Four Women Who Rejected Me to Find Out What’s Wrong with Me

The internet ruined dating for me. Ever since 16-year-old me, already desensitized by years of childhood exposure to weird porn and AOL chatrooms, tricked my mom into giving me a ride to Orange County to get deflowered by a girl I met on MySpace, I’ve consistently used technology as a crutch for dating. Thanks to […]

Sex toy review: The clitoral stimulator

The smallest sex toy is a clitoral stimulator called Secret (pictured above). It’s powered by three AAA batteries in the control unit which is connected to a tiny vibrating bullet by a wire. This means the bullet can be easily slipped into your underwear if you so wish and the naughty little silicone bead controlled […]

Here’s What One Woman Thinks Is The Worst Thing We Do To Girls. Many Women Will Agree With Her.

Hey, here’s a crazy idea: How about society stops teaching girls to be ashamed of their sexuality and who they are, and starts encouraging girls to be strong, opinionated, bad-ass individuals instead? Here, let Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie break it down for you in seven gifs.

4 Secrets to a Perfectly Imperfect Relationship

On a fateful evening back in December of 2008, I met the man of my dreams. I just didn’t know it yet. It started with a cheesy pick up line — or so I thought — until I realized that he was really that sincere and sweet. He told me that my arms looked amazing […]

‘Smart’ Toy Vibrates to Erotica

SAN FRANCISO — Unlike most vibrators, “the world’s first smart vibrator” Vibease doesn’t forsake your largest sexual organ — the mind. Vibease purports to titillate neurons (along with your nether regions) through its ability to alter its intensity and rhythm based on the content of erotica downloaded from its mobile app store. “If the voice […]

Australian man hospitalized after inserting steel fork into penis for ‘sexual gratification’

  A 70-year-old Australia man was hospitalized after inserting a fork into his penis for “sexual gratification.”   A 4-inch steel dining fork had been self-inserted into his urethra 12 hours before he entered the hospital, according to a study published in the International Journal of Surgery Case Reports. The fork was not visible to […]

Edgeplay isn’t your grandmothers BDSM scene

  In front me, a naked woman is chained between two men and is getting slapped with a dead squid while an audience of about a dozen watches. This isn’t performance art, although this is technically an “arts space” and I did pay $10 to be here. This is an edgeplay seminar. Edgeplay is a […]

The Secret Lives of Erotica Writers

Who are the people behind erotic fiction, those accounts of racy affairs and clandestine romances so often stashed away in secret, read in the privacy of one’s home? Increasingly, photographer David Woolfall discovered, they’re women. But they’re not who you might expect. “Easy to imagine they would be foxy, leather-clad mistresses, whip in one hand, the other […]

Homer Simpson’s sex guide

Here’s something to make your afternoon infinitely better: Italian artist AleXsandro Palombo has created an erotic sex guide starring Vogue’s Anna Wintour and Homer Simpson. Titled ‘Illustrated Erotic Advice with Homer Simpson and Vogue Editrix Anna Wintour’ the cheeky Kama Sutra-style sex guide—featured on the artist’s blog Humor Chic—is complete with sketches of the two engaged in various kinky acts […]

Blue Is the Warmest Color

Based on the cult graphic novel by Julie Maroh, Abdellatif Kechiche‘s film Blue Is The Warmest Colour has been rippling the appetites of film critics (and opposing prude haters) since its historic victory at Cannes this year, securing the Palme D’Or for best director and best actress—the first instance in the award’s history.  The French bildungsroman […]

Aussie porn consumers scammed by hackers

According to The Sydney Morning Herald, a “ransomware” virus implemented by cyber criminals allows hackers to find users accessing adult websites, activate their webcams, lock their desktops, send them an “incriminating” photo of themselves, warn the mass debater that they have broken federal laws “relating to child pornography, copyright or privacy” and demand they pay a […]

How Do You Feel About Sex and Teenage Sleepovers?

I recently picked up Alain de Botton’s How to Think More About Sex, which generated a very interesting conversation with a car full of teens about how they are taught to think about sex. Why not teach children, I suggested, how to have sex well, the way you teach them how to do other things? This, for […]

Fashion Fetish

This film was directed by Marie Schuller, SHOWstudio‘s head of fashion films, for the Fashion Fetish series. Titled “Oyster”, the film explores an exhibitionist fantasy in the London metro and conveys a very dark and mysterious atmosphere. Like a ghost, model Anita De Bauch imagines herself getting naked and dancing in front of the other passengers, something I think we’ve […]

A Facebook For Escorts

You’re never more than a few clicks away from all kinds of adult entertainment online – pictures, erotic movies, whatever your heart desires. Now a site called Slixa is trying to harness the power of social media for the world’s oldest profession. The site functions as a localized directory of escorts, erotic masseuses, dominatrixes, fetish workers, and […]