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What girls hear when they’re called pretty

  GIRLS CAN DO ANYTHING: ‘Isn’t it time we told her she’s pretty brilliant, too?’ A US advertisement has highlighted the impact of gender stereotyping on young women, citing statistics by the (American) National Science Foundation that reveal that 66 per cent of 4th grade girls say they enjoy science and math, but only 18 per cent […]

Which of Us Craves Casual Sex More?

The popular media loves to report on gender differences in the desire for casual sex: Men want it more, women want it less. Or at least, that’s the assumption. And while it is true, on average, what’s often lost in the sensationalism over the difference between the sexes is the tremendous variationwithin each sex. Among both women and men, there […]

Missy Jubilee. 037. The Art of Sex

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‘Sex slave’ led to ouster of American Apparel CEO

American Apparel moved to fire CEO Dov Charney over allegations related to the 2011 case of Irene Morales, a former employee who accused him of making her his “sex slave,” The Post has learned. The clothing retailer’s board, which said in a public statement earlier this week that it was investigating unspecified “alleged misconduct,” resurrected the […]

Missy Jubilee. 038.1 Trust. A preview of Art of Sex


Theology Of The Imperfect Body

                                                      L’Imparfaite is an erotic print magazine published by students at Sciences Po, the elite Parisian university. Since many friends are recent alumni, I’ve been able to lay my hands […]

Missy Jubilee. 038.1 Trust. A preview of Art of Sex

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Britain’s surprisingly naughty toilet reads revealed

Naughty magazines and sports biographies were male favourites Women, by contrast, preferred romantic fiction and decorating tomes 86% of men read on the toilet, compared to just 27% of women Instead, the majority of women like to do their reading in the bath From Lady Chatterley’s Lover to A Tale of Two Cities, the options […]

Missy Jubilee. 037. Art of Sex


How To Eat Pussy – A Magical Guide For Evolved People

When a woman finds a man who gives good head, she’s found a treasure she’s not going to let go of too quickly. This is one rare customer and she knows it. She won’t even tell her girlfriends about it or that guy will become the most popular man in town. Hey, I have a […]

Virgin killer’s dad sold EROTIC pics of naked women’s bottoms

 The filmmaker father of virgin killer Elliot Rodger sells erotic black and white photography of naked women’s behinds. While his son produced numerous videos and a 140-page manifesto plainly spelling out his raging hatred of women, Peter Rodger has composed a rather more tasteful, albeit risqué portfolio, as Showbiz 411 has revealed Rodger, who was […]

Is Porn Messing with Your Mind?

Adult movie actress Axelle Parker poses during a photocall after a news conference to announce the Erotica Dream exhibition in Nice, southeastern France. (Photo : REUTERS ) Men who frequently look at pornography may experience a reduction of the gray matter volume found in the reward centers of their brains. However, researchers are uncertain whether […]

How do you get rid of your sexy snaps after a split? You can’t really

In the pre-digital age homemade erotica could be destroyed after a break-up with nothing more than scissors. Not so any more There is nothing new under the sun, and nowhere is this more evident than when it comes to couples taking sexy pictures of each other. Engravings of female genitalia dating back 37,000 years have […]