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Porn star Jenna Jameson Gets Tired & Emotional While Promoting Her Book

She’s cancelled all her interviews…  TMZ reports that Jameson has cancelled all remaining TV interviews to promote her book following her latest antics. According to sources, Jameson cancelled a local interview yesterday morning with no notice and then told her people to cancel the rest. Jameson, who felt the negative attention around her previous interviews […]

Susie Bright on Porn, Erotica, Orange Is the New Black and How Prudery Kills

  Twenty years ago, when Susie Bright published the first-ever anthology of women’s erotic fiction, Herotica, the publishing industry shrieked, “Women want romance, not sex!” They were wrong, of course — way wrong. Herotica did so well that it landed Bright a new book series, The Best American Erotica, which still thrives two decades later. […]

Why are so few men writing erotica?

RJBlain to Nobilis Reed, male erotica author: To be honest, you’re the only male erotica author I know. Are men who write erotica really so rare, or am I just surrounded in a sea of talented women? Nobilis Reed:  They may not be as rare as you think they are. First of all, there are […]

Can erotic fiction enhance your love life?

With the increase in erotic literature that seems to haemorrhage out of the adult book section in book shops, I wondered whether reading erotic fiction can actually help your love life? With a friend whose partner got jealous of her reading the Fifty Shades Of Grey because she spent her time reading instead of having […]

Lawyer says guards gave erotic ‘50 Shades of Grey’ novel to detainee at Guantanamo prison

By Associated Press,August 21, 2013 GUANTANAMO BAY NAVAL BASE, Cuba — A lawyer for a Guantanamo Bay prisoner says guards in the highest-security wing of the prison gave his client an apparently contraband copy of the erotic novel “Fifty Shades of Grey.” Lawyer James Connell says prisoner Ammar al-Baluchi had only recently heard of the […]

The Secret Lives of Erotica Writers

Who are the people behind erotic fiction, those accounts of racy affairs and clandestine romances so often stashed away in secret, read in the privacy of one’s home? Increasingly, photographer David Woolfall discovered, they’re women. But they’re not who you might expect. “Easy to imagine they would be foxy, leather-clad mistresses, whip in one hand, the other […]

Jodi Ellen Malpas ‘overwhelmed’ at erotic novel’s US success

Jodi Ellen Malpas’s erotic This Man trilogy has taken off in the US Erotic novelist Jodi Ellen Malpas was “overwhelmed” when sales of her book outstripped best-selling authors including Dan Brown and James Patterson. For a former health and safety officer who had self-published, it was a huge achievement. She released the first of her […]