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Monster! Where? There!

  There – Where Is There? There? It’s All Crazy There It’s All Circular There And All Roads Lead Back To Malice There. With Intent Or Not. But Why Do You Care? – Is It To Be Or Not Be A Monster When Life Is Imitating Art Imitating A Roundabout Imitating A Car Crash Imitating […]

(Sex) Toy

Listen To Soundtrack The Record Of Arrest Remixxx Soundtrack For The Episode: Toy   (Sex) Toy By Missy Jubilee A scar Because It’s Hurtful And Empathetically You Know That It Was… <Insert Judgement Here> There Is Nothing Glorious About Irresponsibility Or Lack Of Responsibility No-One Wins That Sum Game <Insert Statement About Someone Else To […]

Should You Have Sex While Driving? An Examination

It’s more common than you might think—but is it safe? Road head: Is it worth it? Science now has the answer. But before we get to that, let’s find out who’s doing it: In a first-of-its-kind study from the University of South Dakota, researchers found that about a third of college-aged men have engaged in […]

Ooops Sunshine

For some reason that file corrupted overnight, so let’s try that again Episode 42 Sunshine Pre-Release Review Password: Boom

Episode 42 Sunshine

Episode 42 Sunshine Pre-Release Review Password: Boom   Background briefing as a poem   So Here We Are In Another Heated One Sided Conversation   I Began This Project As An Investigation To Turn Silences Into Words What Was Unutterable, Into Vision To Make My Whirling World Stand Still For A Moment Each Film […]

Why nipples were much more than just a trend at London Fashion Week

From Christopher Kane to Tom Ford to Erdem, nipples were the leftfield trend of London fashion week. But there was more to the exposure than just grabbing headlines From pasties at Tom Ford, to stripped bare and beautiful at Burberry, nipples were everywhere this fashion week and, perhaps most surprisingly, audiences seemed largely nonplussed. Christopher […]

Choose the Right Mattress for Your Sex Style with This Guide

Not all mattresses are made equal. Likewise, not everyone has sex the same way. If you’re wondering whether a particular mattress can handle how you conduct your business, sleep blog Sleep Like the Dead has your back. The guide looks at a variety of criteria such as how bouncy it is, how much friction it […]

Sex therapy: Stop trying to be ‘normal’

Three experts talk about how sexual expectations are changing and the issues they are asked to address Dr Meg Barker, sex and relationship therapist and author of Rewriting the Rules People are very scared of not being normal. By far the most common question I’ve heard as a therapist is “Am I normal?” And people […]

No Sex Tonight Means Sex Tonight

When a woman in your company verbalizes her stray thoughts about sex, for whatever purpose, you can be sure that your odds of sex with her that night have risen significantly. Reader Arbiter recounts, Off topic: yesterday I stayed at a girl’s place, someone I had been seeing every now and then earlier this year, […]

This MRI Sex Tape Is Real and Pretty Weird

In their search for increasingly harder -cores, the porn industry has pioneered hundreds of techniques in the photography of human genitals, from Hustler’s “pink-shots” to the now-standard penetration close-up. But for all their perversion, smut peddlers have never able to match the clinical kinkiness of scientists, who, like Trent Reznor, want to feel you from […]

Do You? Pervert

So…. On A Lighter Note, Society Says If You Have Looked At A Photo Of A Naked Lady Recently You Might Be A Pervert Just Saying – Episode 43.1: Perve02 Preview Long Title: Everyone’s A Pervert. Sorted. Good Meeting. Same Time Next Week? Strapline: Me Watching You Watching Me By: Missy Jubilee – Pre-Release Script […]

Hurt. Episode 42. Pre-release Script

Episode 42: Hurt Long Title: I Hurt Myself Today. And I Became A Cliche Strapline: To Be A Creator. Not A Destroyer By: Missy Jubilee – Long Form Treatment. Pre-release Script – Writing On This Episode Started 5.50pm 11th October Finished At 12.03am 12th October 2014 Six Hours Of Post Psychosis Clarity Blues – Hurt […]

Then. SFW Version

So this is Then. But safe for work. *I ask myself if this is a cop out. *I wait for a reply (that’s me with the *) *Whoever I’m asking is very reflective today. No. They. She. Says. It’s a badge of honour (I don’t know who the person without the * is) *Whatttt?? How […]

5 Ways to Have Fun in Bed Even if You Feel ‘Fat’

It happens every time — just when you’ve had a few too many salty fries and you are left feeling uncomfortably bloated and blimp-like, your man wants to get it on. What’s a gal to do? Say “yes” but try to keep her Spanx on during sex? Put the kibosh on the whole carnal idea? […]

Can women think their way to more frequent orgasms?

A new study has found a link between sexy thoughts and the female orgasm, says Tania Gomez. Research has found that women who regularly reach orgasm during sex reported having more erotic thoughts and seemed to be more present in the moment when they were having intercourse than those who did not orgasm regularly during […]