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Public masturbation masquerades as an act of ’empowerment’

  Just when you thought the silliest thing that US Cosmopolitan magazine had come up with recently was telling women to get their boyfriends to pile refrigerated loose change on their vulvas, a piece written recently for US Cosmo’s online presence has really shot the mag into a new stratosphere of questionable “journalism”. There’s not really any way […]

Erotic photoshoot of the sexiest couple Victoria and David Beckham

The most stylish couple in the world- David Beckham and Victoria Beckham are celebrating their 15th wedding anniversary this month. Posh and Becks together make the most the most powerful couple too. Blessed with four kids, their stardom knows no bound. The former spice girl Victoria Beckham owns a highly successful fashion line and her […]

Sarah Stephens strips for Black

  When we last checked in with expat Brooklyn-based, Victoria’s Secret angel Sarah Stephens, she was trying her hand at accents in a short directed by Rachael Taylor for Bonds. Today finds her in slightly more familiar – albeit damper – territory in front of Charles Howell’s lens for Auckland’s Black Magazine: a striking chiaroscuro editorial featuring a series of asymmetrical monochromatic […]