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Does Romance Kill Men’s Sex Drive?

Romance primes her body for the bedroom. But for men, it may have the opposite effect. Turns out, there may be a scientific reason why movies based on Nicholas Sparks novels are called “chick flicks.” Watching romantic movies revs women’s sex drives — but it also dampens men’s desire to hit the sheets, according to a […]

Help! I’m having erotic dreams about colleagues

Q: I FREQUENTLY have explicit sexual dreams about colleagues, even though I’m in a satisfying relationship with my long-term boyfriend. Why? A: You’re unlikely to have crushes on all of your male colleagues, so the dreams certainly shouldn’t be interpreted literally. Experts say the contents of our dreams is symbolic, and rarely means what it […]

5 ways women can intensify their orgasm

Top tips for prolonging and intensifying your lady’s orgasm. 1. Use Deep Breathing When we use deep, conscious, slow diaphragmatic (or abdominal) breathing we allow the body to release any pent up tension and relax. This allows the sexual energy to flow more freely throughout the body, often creating the perfect circumstances for deeper more […]

10 Sex Acts That Are Better In Theory Than In Practice

We’ve had major debates around the office over whether sex in a car is raunchy and exciting or just, kind of, been-there-done-that in high-school. But what we didn’t get to discussing were other questionably hot sex acts like road head, playing with chocolate sauce and sex in the shower. Are these things in-real-life turn-ons or are they […]