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Make Love Not Porn apartment for sale. $5m

The semi-celebrity owner of an out-of-control, eclectically designed, erotica-filled all-black apartment known for its rager parties and cameos in a music video, Law and Order, and modeling shoots is ready to move on, putting it on the market for $5,995,000. Though the listing isn’t public yet, the WSJ reports that Cindy Gallop is selling her […]

Erotic Tales of Skinny Dipping

There was a time when skinny-dipping among males was a common practice in America. In the 19th and early 20th centuries, men and boys would think nothing of swimming naked, whether in rural lakes or rivers or in male-only institutions like the YMCA. Even President John Quincy Adams, no libertine, was known for taking a […]

Hands Down Girly

Stop raising your hands above your head – when dancing, and whenever you’re doing what you’re doing right there. Pretty much all the time. Unless you’re being the ‘Y” in a rendition of YMCA at Gay Pride Day. Apart from that. No.