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Disco Shit

Disco Shit The 100% Pure Colombian Remixxx Music From The Film Nudimatik What Is DJ’ing In Front Of 20,000 Drug Fucked Australians At Outdoor Dance Festivals In Summer In 34 Degree Celsius Heat Like? Well… Do You Ever Have A Recurring Dream That You’re At A Picnic Table Listening To A Conversation And You Realize […]

‘This is really embarrassing but…’ The quirky sex questions everyone’s too shy to ask

Some sex secrets are standard ‘water cooler’ material (‘I’d do Chris Hemsworth in a heartbeat’). Others get spilt, along with the red wine, over dinner with good friends (‘I miss what I did with my ex’). There’s a couple we might tentatively whisper in the ear of a chosen few (‘Do you ever, you know, […]

Women’s desire for sex is complicated, not strictly hormonal, study finds

Women who are emotionally healthy, in satisfying relationships had more sex drive than those who weren’t as happy, study says. STORY HIGHLIGHTS Doctors have thought testosterone might help women with a low libido Study finds women with higher testosterone levels have only a slightly stronger sex drive There is no drug in the U.S. approved […]

Naked couple having sex in their car causes traffic chaos as drivers become gawkers

Sex stops traffic WHEN police were called to a traffic jam outside a remote strip club and jail, they saw drivers gawking at a parked car rocking. There had also been complaints about the activities inside the car and when Springfield Police Department officers opened a door to the vehicle they found Kelli Knutson, 24, and […]

Missy Jubilee. Fukbook Tries to Fuk Me Once More

Facebook have banned me permanently because I would not out myself and give them my real name and address. I have had two serious stalking events in the last 3 months. Not cyber stalking. Real stalking. If you haven’t been stalked, let me tell you it’s freaky. Facebook is determined to deliver ‘real people’ to […]

Does Romance Kill Men’s Sex Drive?

Romance primes her body for the bedroom. But for men, it may have the opposite effect. Turns out, there may be a scientific reason why movies based on Nicholas Sparks novels are called “chick flicks.” Watching romantic movies revs women’s sex drives — but it also dampens men’s desire to hit the sheets, according to a […]

TVI Portugal

A very kind note from the producer at TVI in Portugal. TVI is the first television station in the world to show the Future Sex Love Art Projekt on commercial TV. It can’t be porn, if it’s on commercial TV right? “We’ve decided that your work deserved two episodes on our series ‘Naked Files’. It […]

Psycho Sexual

Pyscho Sexual Background Writing Life Is Poetry “You’ll Turn Out Ordinary If You’re Not Careful” (Ann Brashares) As Part Of The Plea Bargaining For The Upcoming Trial It Was Suggested By My Lawyers That I See The Best In The Field Of Broken Brains A Clinical Neuropsychologist With Word Salad After Her Name B.Sc (Hons), […]

Australian Weekend Style

  A photo essay of where we live. And Sundays Small town by the sea in Australia, population 2000 This may not be typical for all Australians, most of who live in Sydney or Melbourne p.s. we don’t live in that colourful house. It’s just a cool house. We live on a 20 acre farm […]

The Otherside

Missy Jubilee. Otherside Remixxx Music From The Film ‘Voyeur’ Background Writing The Otherside Remixxx Life The Brief Is High Concept. Low Budget Scene 2 Take 42 Not Fumbling. Stumbling Away From The Cliffs Edge With A Cosmic Caution From The Emo-Verse My Life Has Entered A Strange Duality Hope About The Future Fear About […]


  12.30pm Saturday Breakfast Australian coastal style Temperature 34 degrees Fine & sunny 100 metres from our local beach Us, after shooting the episode ‘Blue’ this morning, the first shooting we have done for a month (since the train came off the tracks and hit a chair) This is us doing what we do Living […]

Missy Jubilee. 041. Then. Full Transcript

Missy Jubilee. 041. Then. Full Transcript Watch film I Can’t Forget The Words You Never Said   Then  A Short Film By Missy Jubilee Episode 41 Of 250 Of The Future Sex Love Art Projekt Then The Post Pussification Of A Deviant Mind 20th September 2014 Home I Went To A Very Dark Place Then I […]

My 7 Most Erotic Memories

My 7 Most Erotic Memories Erotic: of, devoted to, or tending to arouse sexual love or desire. Last Sunday morning I laid in bed sipping hot coffee and gazing out my sun-streaked bedroom window. As I made my way to the bottom of my coffee mug, I thought about what makes some sexual experiences sexier […]

Loose. Episode 43. Soundtrack

Loosey. A Short Film About Best Friends By Missy Jubilee. Soundtrack Release ‘I Get By With A Little Help From My Friends’ -John Lennon & Paul McCartney, Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band An Anatomy Of My Best Friendship 1982. We Meet At Kindergarten 1982-2012. We Do Stuff Together Nov 2013. I Am Her Bridesmaid […]

‘You got a screw loose girl’

‘Me’ A photo by Max Jubilee “Winds of change they blow in my direction” – Fitz & The Tantrums. Picking Up The Pieces Loosey. A Film About Friendship By Missy Jubilee Pre-Release Background Writing Who Are You Really? I Ask That All The Time I Am Missy Jubilee I Deconstruct Myself On A Regular Basis I Swing […]

Sex doesn’t sell: the decline of British porn

A visit to the beige, windowless rooms of the Xbiz adult industry conference reveals a business on its deathbed, agonising over regulations – and full of men who tell you they worry about what their children watch online It would be hard to imagine a more tedious annual conference, with panel debates on “e-billing, best […]

Guilty As Fuck

  Missy Jubilee. Guilty. As Charged. Soundtrack What Was Monster About? It’s About Me Going To Jail I Was The Bear In The Forest. The Bears Were Prisoners The Crazy Forest Is Either Jail, Or Psychiatric Detention Either Or It’s Going To Be One Or The Other In 30 Days – There Is No Lonelier […]