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Ads Gone Bad: The Worst Body-Shaming Advertisements

Advertising still relies on our collective bad body image to drive home its messages. PETA was forced to take down this billboard after a public backlash against the animal rights group. (Photo: Tumblr) Body-shaming in the advertising industry is an age-old tactic. Women have always been urged to fix all that is inherently undesirable about […]

Brits love erotic video chats with their partners

  Distance is not letting the flame die out in relationships in the UK as Brits make time for Erotic video chats! UK Medix found that 21% of adults partake in sexy video chats with their partners with 55% engaging in this activity once a month, with a cheeky 11% doing it every week or […]

4 Secrets to a Perfectly Imperfect Relationship

On a fateful evening back in December of 2008, I met the man of my dreams. I just didn’t know it yet. It started with a cheesy pick up line — or so I thought — until I realized that he was really that sincere and sweet. He told me that my arms looked amazing […]