Brits love erotic video chats with their partners



Distance is not letting the flame die out in relationships in the UK as Brits make time for Erotic video chats!

UK Medix found that 21% of adults partake in sexy video chats with their partners with 55% engaging in this activity once a month, with a cheeky 11% doing it every week or more!

The main reason for video chatting of such a raunchy nature was mostly because couples wanted to spice up their Sex life and have a bit more excitement in the bedroom, 33%.

31% very legitimately said that they don’t live with their partners and as a means of having regular sexual interaction use a video chat to satisfy their needs between meetings.

25% said that it allowed them to express themselves more easily and be more open about sex.

Clearly foreplay has evolved with the introduction of the digital age, as 24% of couples use video chart as a means of getting themselves in the mood while they are both in the same house!

Facetime on the iPhone and Skype were the preferred means of access to some sweaty time with their partners.

71% of participants were so absorbed in their special time with their partner that they had not stopped to think about the consequences of the video getting hacked or becoming viral.

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