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Wonderland Full Script

Watch film Episode 36 of 250 A great future sometimes doesn’t need a great past – William Chapman   I wonder whether I carry a deadness inside me that is so unbearable that I can only bring myself to life through sexual attraction. Maybe nothing much reaches me in the same way. I wonder what […]

 Peppr. An App for Prostitution

No matter how technology evolves nothing can ever prepare consumers for the next big trend. In Europe, that the next big trend is Peppr an app designed for the booking of erotic entertainment. Erotic entertainment is just a specialized way of saying prostitutes. This Berlin-based company was launched on April 1st, with the intentions of […]

Wonderland Preview Full Script

Watch film Wonderland Preview   Live harder than any pain You’ve ever felt   I understand Loss of emotional control   But I have come to Understand I like emotional Pain   I understand that kind of pain I am very comfortable With that sort of pain And with Re-living it   I have realised […]

Choke and Croak: The Dangers of Auto-Erotic Asphyxiation

  Bagging, scarfing, choking, erotic breath play—the ritual of cutting off oxygen to the brain for increased sexual sensation is known by many names. Beyond caressing, sucking and biting, after your heart kicks into high gear and blood rushes to your rapidly growing erection, your breathing naturally becomes heavier. It’s the interruption of this last […]

Why Aren’t We Talking to Our Partners About Sex?

Sex seems to be everywhere. In image, gesture, and word, allusions to sex permeate the culture and are used regularly to attract and distract, to scare and entertain, and to get and sell stuff. The sex chatter that constitutes much of the characteristic noisiness of American culture concerns mostlygossip, platitudes, and talk of other people’s lives. […]

Is Your Partner a Flirt?

How to set rules before jealousy threatens your relationship. Every couple needs to set some ground rules, especially for areas where emotions run high. (If the word rules itself makes you balk, consider that a culture is defined by its implicit rules of conduct, so what I’m really talking about is the mini-culture of your romance.) You […]

Come 2 Full Script

  Watch film Come 2 Episode 35.1 of 250 a / This is not a pony / I asked for a pony / production   If I could put my orgasms into words, I wouldn’t shut up I would have written a thousand books And I would have been more prolific than Shakespeare How I […]

How’s Your Romantic Intuition?

“Maybe it’s intuition, Something you just don’t question…I knew I loved you before I met you, I think I dreamed you into life, I knew I loved you before I met you, I have been waiting all my life, There’s just no rhyme or reason, Only a sense of completion, And in your eyes, I see […]

The Australian sex census results are very revealing

Ever wanted to know what your choice of profession means for you in the bedroom? Tired of not knowing if it’s fishermen that have the biggest tackle? Pondering if Tasmania’s map is looking more like Brazil these days? The Australian Sex Census, launched today, is here to shed light on all the dirty, naughty secrets of […]