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Can You Feel Love and Lust for the Same Person?

As a couple’s therapist with clients from around the world, I have long probed the intricacies of desire in modern love. While much has changed in my 30 years of practice, one line has endured, “We love each other very much, but we have no sex.” The story of sex in committed modern couples often […]

This Is What Teenage Girls Were Taught About Masturbation In 1918

In 1918, she wrote the book, which contained advice for young women about relationships, diet, and beauty. The book was part of the “Self and Sex” series, but never shall the twain meet. Here’s a chapter of the book titled, uh, “Solitary Vice” (emphasis ours): As the reproductive system awakens to activity it naturally attracts […]

Passion. Great Erotic Fun That Doesn’t Hold A Candle To De Palma’s Best

After the experimental political polemic Redacted and the gun-for-hire mess The Black Dahlia, Brian De Palma has returned to what should be his comfort zone; a violent, erotic thriller which he actually wrote himself. In fact, every scene of Passion seems to beg for a collective “return to form” proclamation. It’s got identical twins, split-screen, […]