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Malaysian erotic spas spread cream cheese on massage clients

  MALAYSIAN “spas” are dispensing with massage oil in favour of cream cheese in a kinky new offering in the country’s bustling erotic massage industry. The weekend edition of the Malay-language Harian Metro said reporters from the tabloid discovered that some spas near the capital Kuala Lumpur were offering customers the option of being smeared […]

My Strange First Day Working In An Erotic Massage Parlor

This week’s Harlotry is a continuation of Cathryn’s attempts to explore the world of erotic massage. Part I is here. I was not impressed at all with the lack of notice for my first appointment. I barely had time to rush back to the little basement dressing room, change into shoes that weren’t completely ratty […]

Harlotry: Erotic Massage Isn’t All Happy Endings

I’ve been a whore for five years. Five and a half, if we’re being really honest, since I started doing sex work slightly before I legally became an adult. In that time I’ve had almost every job one can have in the sex industry. I’ve modeled for amateur porn photos, tasteful, softly lit erotica, and […]

Rich married city women spur demand for mobile erotic massage

A growing number of married city women regularly seek the services of erotic masseurs that also provide ‘happy endings’, The Nairobian can reveal. Such massage was in the past associated men, but women now seem to be turning the tables. Our enquiries indicate that ‘mobile’ masseurs are the most popular as they can be called […]