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Miley Cyrus posts erotic toy photo on Twitter and critics are nauseated

Photo by Christopher Polk/Getty Images Nothing Miley Cyrus does any more shocks the masses, or so one would think. However, according to Fishwrapper on Friday, Miley has gone too far with a recent picture of her erotic sex toy she posted to Twitter, which displays one of Cyrus’ fetishes and critics are grossed out. On […]

The Rise of Sexting

TIPS FOR MEN Who’s this for?  Guys– as much as you love your package (we know you do) and are so proud of all it can do—please consider how a woman feels about seeing the same thing appear on her small screen.   A woman may not be as turned on by receiving this type of […]

Once a relationship begins, erotic communication with others must stop?

Your partner shouldn’t be sending erotic texts, nude photos, and videos to others once you’ve decided to be exclusive. By: Ellie Advice, I met a wonderful man four months ago. Having just met his out-of-town family and friends, I’m excited and definitely see him as my future husband. However, I stumbled upon some suggestive and […]

Israel PM Netanyahu Twitter account ‘in erotica gaffe’

Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu‘s Twitter feed briefly followed a Persian erotica account before unfollowing it on Sunday, The Times of Israel reports. The PM’s Twitter account, @Netanyahu, followed some 90 accounts, mainly of Israeli embassies and the government, at the time, the paper said. But one of the most recent it was following was @PersianHotBook, […]

Social Media, Personal Email And Porn – How We Waste Time At Work

  Did you know that productivity losses from non-work related internet surfing have been pegged at high as 40 percent and, despite this, just 15 percent of businesses have an office social media policy? Subsequently, platforms like Twitter and Facebook have become a veritable haven for time suckage during office hours, and many businesses are […]

Sexual Zeitgeist. Preview. Full script

  Watch Sexual Zeitgeist preview (2.30)   Below is the full script for the preview of Sexual Zeitgeist. The full episode deals with my response to my parents dis-owning me and never wanting to have anything to do with me again, unless I change back to who I was. When you back someone into a […]

Woman with erotic obsession with food eats doughnuts during sex

The mum-of-two says just the sight of a bakery is enough to send her weak at the knees and out of breath View Obese Sammee Matthews has a condition which makes her so turned on by food she even scoffs doughnuts during sex. Twenty eight stone Sammee was diagnosed with sitophilia – an erotic obsession […]

Dying for sex: it’s a male marsupial thing

Agile antechinus. Photo: WWF Australia In what may be the ultimate sacrifice for lust, Australian scientists have discovered why the males of some species of marsupial are dying for sex. Scientists have pondered for decades why the males of more than a dozen native species of insect-eating marsupials, including many small rodent-sized antechinus and phascogales, die […]

Aunt-dog relationships and Arabian Erotica on Twitter

  Beyond their historical role in the Middle East political changes, Twitter and other social media networking sites have created a safe space for a population pulled between loyalty to culture and natural needs to express a collective wild sexuality. Up to now, a discussion about Arab sexuality is often a classical case study of […]

Liam Hemsworth’s Las Vegas Mystery Woman Identified After Split From Miley Cyrus

Looks like Liam Hemsworth may be moving on. The 23-year-old Hunger Games hunk—who just split from former fiancée Miley Cyrus—was photographed with a pretty blonde in Las Vegas over the weekend, and the mystery gal has now been identified as Eiza González, a stunning Mexican actress and singer. Hemsworth and the blond beauty were spotted together at XS nightclub at the Encore hotel, where […]

I Wrote Erotic Wrestling Fan-Fiction And Became Vaguely Reddit Famous

Writing under the watchful eyes of Mick Foley  In true WWE fashion, to understand this incident, you’ll need to bear with some self-promoting backstory: I spent the bulk of May 2012 staring at my phone. Willing it to ring. Praying for an unlisted or unfamiliar number. Then one day it finally came. “Hello?” *BLARING FOG […]

Gorgeous girl watch: Katharina Rembi

Katharina Rembi is a 25 yo model from Hamburg, Germany with an Italian background. If you can’t see a very very evident similarity to Natalie Portman, you need to adjust your google glass. You only live once

Erotic Night Visions Inspired Lady Gaga’s New Song ‘Sex Dreams’

Lady Gaga has revealed that her new song ‘Sex Dreams’, from her upcoming ARTPOP album was inspired her own erotic dreams. The 27-year-old superstar unveiled the full song at her iTunes Festival concert in London on Sunday night. The ‘Applause’ singer told her 40M Twitter followers, @ladygaga: “”#SexDreams is me talking to two different lovers. […]

Drawing dicks on the Herald Sun facing Facebook ban

Proud veterans of upholding the true Australian spirit and champions of phallic obstructions on otherwise vanilla newspaper spreads, Drawing Dicks On The Herald Sun, faced a brief hiatus from bestowing jizzed up creations to the world, tainting sensibilities in the most ingenious fashion, after Facebook requested that the legends ‘clean up’ their page. Honestly, the […]

Study Says One in Four Regretful Youths Experience Social Media Shame

A highly-scientific “demographically-based” survey using quantifiable, empirical evidence like ‘which emoji best represents your #feels?’ has found that one in four youths experience social media shame after posting a necessary YOLO update that they later feared could jeopardise the current or future job prospects. Basically, Future Employment FOMO. Of the one thousand surveyed American youths […]

H.2.OH released

  Watch video

Mylie Cyrus poses nude for campaign

Miley Cyrus Poses Nude For Marc Jacobs Skin Cancer Prevention Campaign  July 27, 2013 No stranger to the side boob Miley Cyrus has dropped everything to reveal every inch of her skin for a Marc Jacobs t-shirt, raising funds to benefit the New York University Skin Care Institute. Clever, conveniently viral, nude-celeb driven campaign you’ve got there. At […]

Marriage Conversations You Need To Have Before Tying The Knot

  Couples that communicate openly and effectively tend to have stronger, more successful marriages. And some conversations — about things like kids, money and religion — are important to have before you think about taking that walk down the aisle. On Tuesday, we asked our followers on Twitter and Facebook to tell us the most important pre-wedding discussions […]

Here’s What One Woman Thinks Is The Worst Thing We Do To Girls. Many Women Will Agree With Her.

Hey, here’s a crazy idea: How about society stops teaching girls to be ashamed of their sexuality and who they are, and starts encouraging girls to be strong, opinionated, bad-ass individuals instead? Here, let Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie break it down for you in seven gifs.

Drawing dicks on Prince William

In news that confirms our home-grown, beloved, twisted, rite of passage tradition Drawing Dicks On The Herald Sun has officially crossed the seas and infected international dispositions, BBC Breakfast accidentally broadcast a casual picture of the heir to the throne—rightful owner of the spawn the world collectively blew in to hysterics over—decorated lovingly and lavishly with […]

We love good sex

A Saturday morning feeling with Missy Jubilee Posted by Lucie Blush http://www.welovegoodsex.com It’s Saturday morning (well, afternoon but I got up late), the sun is shining (kinda) and all is well in the world (not really but let’s say it is). What will make you feel even more awesome? A super nice video of a […]

Miley Cyrus

That Miley Cyrus certainly is a giver. Having already posted several pics offering fans a glimpse of the upcoming music video for her hit tune, “We Can’t Stop,” the 20-year-old singer has graciously revealed another new shot on Twitter. Decked out in a crop top and and some skintight leggings, the pop star strikes a seductively sexy pose on a bed. […]

Michael Douglas contracted the cancer-causing HPV virus through oral sex

Yesterday, Hollywood actor Michael Douglas announced that his battle with thyroid cancer was caused by oral sex – or more specifically, the HPV virus frequently contracted through oral sex. The 68 year-old, who fought a six month battle with the disease from August 2010 until January 2011, initially blamed an indulgent lifestyle of cigarettes and […]