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The Porn In Your Head

Everyone knows the usual scenarios—the mysterious stranger, the threesome, meeting and making love to George Clooney. But sexual fantasies are more varied than we imagine, says Wendy Maltz, asex therapist and author of Private Thoughts: Exploring the Power of Women’s Sexual Fantasies. In scripted fantasies—which we conjure while having sex or daydreaming, and which involve […]

Sex survey reveals women’s Fifty Shades of Grey style experiments

  BONDAGE, role play and even threesomes are just some of the popular bedroom antics revealed in a saucy new sex survey. Women across the UK have been revealing what happens between the sheets in different regions of the country. But while 73 per cent of women living in the south east admitted 50 Shades […]

It’s no Boy Wonder: Batman outed as dark, gay and kinky

  THERE’S always been something more than a little camp about a superhero who sports tights and rubber nipples and enjoys the company of his Boy Wonder sidekick. Now Batman has been “outed” as an ageing homosexual who picks up young men for one-night stands and sits next to Sir Elton John at New York […]