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Exploring the booming mega brothel business in Germany

THERE are floors and floors of women; some wear nothing, others very little. Men in groups can be seen wandering the corridors of mega brothels, some of which offer unlimited sex for a flat rate as little as 99 euros. Welcome to Germany, where the brothel business is booming and sex is cheap. More than […]

 Peppr. An App for Prostitution

No matter how technology evolves nothing can ever prepare consumers for the next big trend. In Europe, that the next big trend is Peppr an app designed for the booking of erotic entertainment. Erotic entertainment is just a specialized way of saying prostitutes. This Berlin-based company was launched on April 1st, with the intentions of […]

My Strange First Day Working In An Erotic Massage Parlor

This week’s Harlotry is a continuation of Cathryn’s attempts to explore the world of erotic massage. Part I is here. I was not impressed at all with the lack of notice for my first appointment. I barely had time to rush back to the little basement dressing room, change into shoes that weren’t completely ratty […]

Harlotry: Erotic Massage Isn’t All Happy Endings

I’ve been a whore for five years. Five and a half, if we’re being really honest, since I started doing sex work slightly before I legally became an adult. In that time I’ve had almost every job one can have in the sex industry. I’ve modeled for amateur porn photos, tasteful, softly lit erotica, and […]

Porn Star Supports Prime Minister’s UK Porn Ban in Debate at Exeter

Porn is sex trafficking. Women are recruited to engage in commercial sex acts by force, fraud and coercion. Women are choked, gagged, ripped, and spit upon while being called names like ‘slut’ and ‘whore’. Former Porn Star Dr. Shelley Lubben, whose book Truth Behind the Fantasy of Porn has ripped the lid off of the porn industry – […]

Women’s Erotica Pulls in Big Money

Erotica for women has emerged as a major new money spinner for the European porn industry, with German sex products group Beate Uhse AG unveiling plans Monday to draw in more female customers. “The market has undergone a complete change in recent years,” Beate Uhse board member Erwin Cok told the group’s annual shareholders’ meeting […]

Talking with a high-end sex worker

Gloria Van Vaulkner spoke to The Feed, broadcast 7.30pm weeknights SBS 2 about her experiences, life and work in the sex-trade and how to keep a client from falling in love. When I started working as a private escort I quickly established myself as a Girlfriend Experience (GFE) provider. It always suited my personality as […]