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The Most Loving Thing You Can Say to Your Partner

The worst thing you can do for your partner and your relationship is believe that you know how to make intimate unions work. In reality, there’s no way that any of us could know. Biology, which takes many, many generations to change, has not prepared us for love’s special challenges in our rapidly changing culture. […]

Doctor Admits Nude ‘Punishment Therapy’ With Sex, Whips May Have Been Unusual

A Lake Worth, Fla., doctor who treated a depressed patient by disrobing, binding, whipping and beating her is now in hot water for his twisted “punishment therapy.” Dr. David Simon apologized profusely to the Florida Board of Osteopathic Medicine,which is considering revoking his license, WPFB reports. Simon wasn’t arrested or charged with any crime, but […]

‘Erotic Excerpts from the Intimate Diary of a Mature Woman’ Debuts Online

Author Virginia Hoefler has released a groundbreaking new book sharing the experiences of a single woman over 50 seeking companionship, yet finding it only in younger men. The book, titled “Erotic Excerpts from the Intimate Diary of a Mature Woman,” seeks to overcome the social stigma associated with so-called “cougars,” partly by drawing on Hoefler’s […]

The (Mormon) Sex Girls Explain It All. Desiring to desire, oral sex and becoming stewards of your own body

  Sisters Kristin Hodson and Alisha Worthington are BYU grads, have degrees in social work and are active members of the Mormon Church. They’re also known as the Sex Girls. They’ve also written a straightforward book on sexuality, geared toward Mormon couples, called Real Intimacy (RealIntimacyBook.com). The two say their evolution into Utah’s resident LDS […]

How Important Is Having Sex?

“Sex isn’t everything,” Nicole Hardy’s mother cautions her in the prologue of her memoir Confessions of a Latter-day Virgin, as the author battles between her strict Mormon upbringing and her increasing longing as a single 30-something for raw human intimacy of the erotic kind. Her memoir, along with French Elle editor Sophie Fontanel’s The Art […]

I’m a bit kinky with some unusual fetishes

Brisbane Times advice column: Q. On the surface I’m a great bloke. I’ve been dating this wonderful woman (we’re both mid 40s) and we’re at the stage where I’m confident we will have sex – the tension is palpable. However, I have a hidden dark side, being a bit kinky with some unusual fetishes. Do […]

Is He The Cheating Kind?

I recently had a tough conversation with a friend of mine about cheating. She has been in a relationship with the same man for about six years. She wants to get married. He doesn’t. She has accepted that and is happy with the commitment they have. Except now, she is not so sure he is […]