Missy Jubilee. Sociopath. The Direction of Why

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Missy Jubilee. Sociopath, The Direction of Why

This is the full subliminal conversation between the voices and court ordered medical professionals within the film

Some are written

Most are said

[Conversation starts…]

You’ve blurred so many boundaries young lady

I guess I feel like I’ve been living my life as two people, and now I don’t know who is in control anymore. I used to believe that people determine their own lives, and yet I think there’s one force more powerful than free will

Our desires?

No. Discovery. And it started 10 years before 1994

How did you get there again?

Rebirth is necessary. And here we go

[Start film]

Roll cameras

Are you recording this? Because everyone carries their prisons with them. You know this right?

Well, then, good morning and enjoy yourself today. If you can. You’re learning and you’ve got the right to make mistakes

Oh, you’re wrong about that. You’ll see

Where are you in your head right now? Where are you exactly?


Tell me what is happening

The pretty thing you’re looking at is me. But it is me who can not see any of what is coming

What is coming?


What if we can change things?

Do you have any idea the storm I created?

No. But tell me every little detail

Mostly it’s like Breaking Bad on acid. But there’s this one little thing. There was nothing normal about me as a little girl. I grew into the oddest of oddballs. Just me. And my sexuality.

Tell me more

I should never have come to these memories again

But you must. Continue

In 1994, I was 14 years old and my life as I knew it ended at 4.36pm one day when my parents left for the night

What did you do?

I got undressed


Because that thing that I greatly feared
had finally come upon me. Freedom

That’s a good thing isn’t it?

Mostly, but sometimes in life, a bare assertion is not necessarily the naked truth. It depends whether you were running from the naked truth. Or whether you were running towards the naked truth

What were you doing?

I was running towards the fear. Not away from it

Was fear the earliest manifestation
of your deviant sexual arousal triggers?


Interesting. Please tell us more







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