5 ways women can intensify their orgasm


Top tips for prolonging and intensifying your lady’s orgasm.

1. Use Deep Breathing
When we use deep, conscious, slow diaphragmatic (or abdominal) breathing we allow the body to release any pent up tension and relax. This allows the sexual energy to flow more freely throughout the body, often creating the perfect circumstances for deeper more prolonged feelings of sexual pleasure. Perfecting the art of deep breathing usually takes some practice. If find yourself a little challenged the first time you do it, don’t give up!

2. Explore Erogenous Zones
Erogenous zones are parts of the body that respond to or a sensitive to sexual or erotic stimulation. When we become aware of the erogenous areas on our body we can tantalise them to increase the intensity of our sexual experience. If you don’t know your erogenous zones, you may want to try exploring your body with some warm, quality massage oil and your hand or a vibrator; touch, feel, stroke, massage, do whatever makes you feel good…you might just surprise yourself.

3. Think Sexy Thoughts
Ever hear the old saying, “The brain is our biggest sexual organ?” Well this is no myth. The body and genitalia are intricately connected to the brain through nerves that send information to it about the physical sensations that occur when we are being sexual. And you guessed it, the brain also reciprocates this feedback to the body and genitalia. What this means is that if you are thinking sexy thoughts, the brain will send messages to your body about feeling sexy. This is a great way to get into and stay in the moment, as well as for intensify sexual pleasure and orgasms. If you are struggling to get the sexy thoughts going on your own, try exploring some erotic stimuli such as erotic film or literature.

4. Don’t Overstimulate Yourself
If you are looking to prolong your sexual pleasure and/orgasm, try reducing the intensity of sexual stimulation on your genitals. Overstimulation, such as profuse rubbing or contact on hard surfaces can desensitise the genitalia and reduce the intensity of sensation. So if you are finding your technique is becoming tougher, harder, and more intense with little increase in pleasure, try using soft, gentle, sensual touch. You could even try turning your vibrator down a notch or two. You may find it takes some time to resensitise your sexy bits, but being patient will ultimately lead you to greater sexual pleasure.

5. Focus Your Mind on the Sexual Moment and Practice Being Truly Present
With the development of technology, multitasking has become an expectation for many of us. This means that at any one moment our minds are in multiple places; we may be thinking about work, family, children, chores or the barrage of emails we need to get through. Many women find it hard to switch this habitual thinking off when in the sexual moment. As a consequence, they may struggle to enjoy the pleasures of sexual desire, sexual arousal, sexual stimulation or orgasm. A good way to practice being truly present in the moment is to meditate or practice deep breathing, concentrating on your breath before being sexual. This can be done either alone or with a partner. Bringing your focus away from all the mental chatter helps to get you into the sexual moment and allows you to fully experience the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual pleasures of love-making.

Treat yo self.


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  1. October 16, 2013 at 8:27 am #

    Its me!
    Can you create an Frog Cam account and ‘secure room’ password protected, for all of those men and women that are interested in your journey, research!


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