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The UK’s Secretive S&M scene

Nobody knows how many people are involved in the “scene”: a loose grouping of people across the country who enjoy an unorthodox – and under current laws potentially illegal – sexual lifestyle. However, one US study suggests 11% of women and 14% of men have engaged in BDSM – an abbreviation for bondage, discipline, domination, […]

‘The Married Kama Sutra: The World’s Least Erotic Sex Manual’ Is A Warning For Couples Everywhere

  You’ll all be familiar with the term ‘honeymoon period’ – that point in a relationship when two people are blissfully happy, can’t keep their hands off each other and haven’t become submerged in each other’s faults. Well – without wanting to sound negative (oh, too late) – it won’t last. After the honeymoon period […]

Celibacy syndrome hits Japan with more young people avoiding sex

Young Japanese people are having fun, just not sex. ITS people are young, hip and know how to have a good time. But it seems when it comes to actually getting down and jiggy with it, young Japanese people aren’t having sex. A survey conducted by the Japan Association for Sex Education questioning the sexual habits […]

Are you addicted to sex

The Symptoms of Sexual Addiction: While there is no official diagnosis for sex addiction, clinicians and researchers have attempted to define the disorder using criteria based on chemical dependency literature. They include: Frequently engaging in more sex and with more partners than intended. Being preoccupied with or persistently craving sex; wanting to cut down and […]

No sex, please

Two years ago, Dan Ritter, 19, found himself spending most of the summer fighting off a girl’s sexual advances. There wasn’t anything wrong with the girl, he wants to clarify. He just wasn’t sexually attracted to her. In fact, Ritter started to realise he wasn’t attracted to anyone. “Slowly, I noticed that I was completely […]

5 ways women can intensify their orgasm

Top tips for prolonging and intensifying your lady’s orgasm. 1. Use Deep Breathing When we use deep, conscious, slow diaphragmatic (or abdominal) breathing we allow the body to release any pent up tension and relax. This allows the sexual energy to flow more freely throughout the body, often creating the perfect circumstances for deeper more […]

Sex Is Important – But It’s Not

 Society, the media, politicians, and religions are often obsessed with sex as anidea – not as it really happens in the flesh. The idea of sex is most often portrayed in extremes. Sex is, at times, depicted as a sure path to unwanted pregnancy, STIs, and hellfire. At the other end of the spectrum, sex is portrayed as […]

Woman ‘thought sex was with husband’

A Duntroon officer cadet has gone on trial accused of sexually assaulting a woman as she lay in the dark, waiting for her husband to come home. The woman fell asleep on the couch of her Duntroon home, hoping her husband would return from a formal company dinner in the early hours of April 5 […]