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The most erotic and hottest kissing session

Click here to watch Sarah and Marlene’s kiss A kiss is what starts it all. Very often, the quality of the kissing is a determining factor in the future relationship. It tells you so much about the other person. The way he uses his tongue, how fast he goes, the way he holds you while […]

I dress for boys screensaver

Girls don’t dress for boys. If girls dressed for boys, they would walk around naked all day. I dress for boys. More screensavers & wallpapers at http://www.missyjubilee.com

Hello Kitty

Yeah, I’m 15, but I tell you one thing. If that Hello Kitty bitch ever tried to move in on my man, I’d slit that cartoon-cat cunt’s throat and jump-flip-chop all the way back to my dojo. Read more Vice

Fourth man charged in connection with ‘sex antics’ murder case

Police have charged a fourth person over the shooting death of a 24-year-old woman in Melbourne’s north-west last month. Kara Doyle, 24, died in hospital on April 23, six days after she arrived, injured, at an Avondale Heights service station in the company of two men. A 43-year-old man from Avondale Heights was charged on […]