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Nude photo series on how we see attractiveness

And in this writer’s opinion, it could be alternatively titled as, ‘Illusions of the Body: why slouching makes everyone unattractive’. Artist Gracie Hagen created the provocative series to address the lofty standards we’ve set for ourselves – which is comparing our own flesh with those of seemingly perfect bodies we see in the media. What […]

Fantazm Full Script

Watch film   “There is an entire generation growing up that believes that what you see in hard core pornography is the way that you have sex” Cindy Gallop/Make Love Not Porn/TED 2009 I think my guardian angel has porn sex when she’s not watching me. Therefore, a warning: This episode addresses the art of sex […]

Singing while having an orgasm is really hard

                          Last week, Netherland’s female pop group ADAM released the video to their new film clip “Go To Go”. The concept behind the video is simple: sit on a dildo and film the expressions on the faces of the band members as they […]

New “internal bra” promises better-lasting breast lift results

  A new procedure promises to lift and support women’s breasts with better-lasting results than traditional methods. The Orbix Breast Support System uses thin silicone straps attached to the ribs to provide support. Orbix says the technique “eliminates breast re-sagging and minimizes scarring.” Breasts often begin to dip between the ages of 35 and 40, […]

Missy Jubilee. 037. Fantazm


Apple Refuses To Sell Female Masturbation App

The anthropomorphic mascot of an infantile-looking app called HappyPlayTime is avulva, whose face is a clitoris. It’s kind of cute. But not according to the prudish jerks over at Apple. They’re are not keen on HappyPlayTime’s agenda-pushing. What’s their agenda, you ask? They want to educate ladies on how to masturbate. If the idea that certain women need a […]

Erotica Written By An Alien Pretending Not To Be Horrified By Sex

So this is the funniest thing I’ve read all evening. Have you ever wondered how an alien would view human sexuality? Thanks to The Toast, now we know. Highlights include… “Their mouths, which mere minutes before had been employed in the process of demolishing and ingesting various foodstuffs, were now jammed up damply against one […]

6 conclusions about human sexuality

                                      The standard narrative of human sexual evolution says: men provide women with goods and services in exchange for women’s sexual fidelity. But is that really true or relevant today? Christopher Ryan, the co-author of Sex at Dawn with […]

Christian Erotica: Yay or Nay

Not quite long ago, I got a link to a website that shocked the tits out of me (please, pardon my language). At first I wasn’t sure what I was viewing because I was clearly under the impression that it was a Christian website, so I had to go and read the About page and […]

Sleep: The Real Key to a Long-Term, Loving Relationship?

It is one of the most common struggles that couples face: Over the life of a relationship, partners can lose a sense of appreciation for each other. Holding on to a sense of gratitude for each other is one of the hallmarks of couples who stay content in their relationships over the course of many years. On […]

This Is What Erotica Looked Like In The 19th Century

  When we think of 19th century artwork, a particular type of image hops to mind, often involving beards, Christian allusions, lots of sad people and a smoky palette. Kind of like this 1847 work by Mihály Zichy, entitled “Lifeboat.” But if you think all the 1800s had to offer in the ways of art […]

Sex in Hollywood

Los Angeles, California – WEBWIRE – Tuesday, May 06, 2014 LOS ANGELES, California (May 6, 2014) – With many declaring the sex scene dead, Hollywood is pumping up its acquisition of stories that bring eroticism to a new edge. The 90’s decade brought with it a slew of action-packed, sex-infused thrillers like Basic Instinct, Single White Female, […]

The Real Problem With Adultery

I found a recent entry in The Philosophers’ Mail, entitled “The Pleasures of Adultery,” to be intriguing although ultimately misguided. It takes up the topic of sexual infidelity but places too much emphasis on the sexual aspect and too little on the infidelity, or the broken promises and violations of trust that represent the true harm of adultery. […]

Who’s Really Interested in Alternate Relationships?

Consensually (or openly) non-monogamous relationships are long-term committed relationships where the partners have an explicit agreement to have outside sexual partners and/or romantic relationships. Some, like swingers, are more focused on multiple sexual partners; others, like polyamorists, are more focused on multiple loving relationships, but they all share a commitment to honesty about their nonexclusivity—as opposed to the typical approach of […]

Would you perform in an erotic webcam peepshow?

Are ads looking for sexy webcam ‘models’ to be trusted? Many people go through financial stress. If you want extra money to help make ends meet, the choices may seem limited. There are many online ads aimed at attracting people to work from home, and many of those ads are bogus. There are even ads […]

In Jamaica, an erotic dance called “daggering” was banned from TV after causing broken penises

Daggering is an erotic dance where couples simulate dry sex in different positions to the beat of the music. Doctors began issuing a warning, though, when couples took the dance to the bedroom. Men have had disastrous results from the activity with many incurring fractured penises. The dance has been around for years in the […]

The Fantasy That Puts All Relationships at Risk

There may now be hard science behind the notion that true love can last a lifetime. A neurological study from Stony Brook University revealed that couples who experience “romantic love” long-term keep their brains firing in similar ways to couples who have just fallen in love. The research team, led by Bianca P. Acevedo and Arthur Aron, found […]

Why Sexual Passion Fades

“Our Marriage Is Great. . . Except for the Sex“: An Interview With Clinical Psychologist Marianne Brandon This is the first in a series of interviews with experts. Marianne Brandon, a clinical psychologist with a private practice in Annapolis, Maryland, offers some startling advice to women in long-term relationships in her new book, Unlocking The Sexy in Surrender.  As […]

Giant vagina statue causes a stir

A COMMUNITY arts event is facing criticism after children were encouraged to crawl into the vagina of a giant statue in Geelong’s Johnstone Park at the weekend. Geelong teacher Terry Read took his four year old son to the Figment arts festival on Saturday and was not impressed with what he found. The first installation […]