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Diesel gets erotic with new campaign

Diesel wanted to “push eroticism aggressively” in its new campaign. The label’s artistic director, Nicola Formichetti, has cast up-and-coming rapper Brooke Candy in Diesel’s 2014 accessories advertisements. Brooke is known for her over-the-top, sexy aesthetic and is usually found in tiny metallic bikinis and sporting pink cornrows. She pulls no punches with her look and […]

No sex, please

Two years ago, Dan Ritter, 19, found himself spending most of the summer fighting off a girl’s sexual advances. There wasn’t anything wrong with the girl, he wants to clarify. He just wasn’t sexually attracted to her. In fact, Ritter started to realise he wasn’t attracted to anyone. “Slowly, I noticed that I was completely […]

Sex Is Important – But It’s Not

 Society, the media, politicians, and religions are often obsessed with sex as anidea – not as it really happens in the flesh. The idea of sex is most often portrayed in extremes. Sex is, at times, depicted as a sure path to unwanted pregnancy, STIs, and hellfire. At the other end of the spectrum, sex is portrayed as […]

Never been kissed

Zoe Feigen has never been kissed and is still a virgin. But, this doesn’t bother the 24-year-old who “came out” as an asexual while on a Contiki tour. Zoe Feigen was around 15 when she first realised she was a bit different. While her classmates were lusting after TV and movie stars, she couldn’t really […]