Miley Does Predictable Nude German Vogue Cover


Serial boob Miley Cyrus has breasts – breasts which you’ve probably already seen, breasts you clearly wouldn’t mind having another pass at, and breasts she uses to her considerable advantage to generate both headlines and magazine sales for the March issue of German Vogue, in which she appears in a pretty, predictable editorial shot by Mario Testino and channelling the requisite Marilyn Monroe vibes. 

It’s a shockingly original conceit previously explored by every young actress, model and androgyne appearing in a publication in the history of forever; none so visionary, audacious and apt as Lindsay Lohan’s cover of Playboy.

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One Comment on “Miley Does Predictable Nude German Vogue Cover”

  1. dirk_gently
    February 18, 2014 at 8:28 pm #

    The shame here is that there is a catch-22 feel to where Miley is at. As soon as she started courting the headlines with her manufactured teen rebelliousness, the media machine swung into full ‘wild child’ whooping mode and started stuffing dollars in her bra and g-string. Of course the problem for us is the media allowed the myth to perpetuate and continues to portray her as a child, but she is now 23 and can frankly show her tits and ass and do her thang how she wants to. Perhaps we should give a manufactured gasp of disapproval. Or maybe a phony cheer and applause?

    Personally I like Lily Allen’s approach; flashed her tits accidently in public, then in a riposte to Robin Thicke danced in a video in front of a set of balloons spelling ‘Lily Allen has a Baggy Pussy’. Priceless, and just a tad more ‘grown up’.

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