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Metal Gear Solid 5 female character: I Meant Sexy, Not Erotic

When Hideo Kojima said he wanted Metal Gear Solid 5 characters to be more erotic, he actually meant more sexy, according to a clarification Kojima made at a Los Angeles Q&A. Sexy, to Kojima, is something nebulous, that je ne sais quoi that comes with torn tights on a battlefield. “Sexy could be for guys, […]

5 Excessively Erotic Video Game Characters

Hideo Kojima is one of video game industry‘s most celebrated and accomplished developers ever, but the Metal Gear and Zone of Enders creator has recently been a target of much scrutiny after character images of the sniper assassin, Quiet, surfaced from his upcoming release, Metal Gear Solid V. The character wears little more than boots, […]