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Missy Jubilee. 052. Praise. FULL SCRIPT

The following is a re-construction of an event that happened in 1994 Exact location: latitude 28°07.598 south, longitude 153°28.791 Heliolatry/noun -worship of the sun Why was I on top of this sandhill in the middle of nowhere, having just turned 14, alone & naked and just about to crucify myself figuratively speaking is a good […]

Missy Jubilee. 052. Praise

WATCH FILM Damocles to Missy – bow your head woman Missy to Damocles – get fucked* *Not an actual conversation between myself and the figure featured in the moral anecdote commonly referred to as ‘the Sword of Damocles’ -260BC Hello, My name is Missy And my mother doesn’t like me But I’d rather free myself […]

Missy Jubilee. 050. Deep. As Fuck. FULL SCRIPT

Watch film My thoughts on finishing 50 films My father used to say to me ‘your problem is that you’re weird’ He had opinions on lots of things But on this he was right For three years I have been outside looking in At my sex life Sprawled out on the internet 50 times through […]

Missy Jubilee. The Soundtrack of Oblivion

Watch & listen to the Prequel of Chill   This is the soundtrack of a life imploding My life When I was 14, my world collapsed in on itself, and everything changed Forever. And I mean FOR REAL FOR EVER Three specific things happened during that year 1. I found out my father was having […]

50 films at 24 frames a second

Writing self help for the helpless self Watch film This is how I make myself vanish into nothing This is how I see myself floating on the ceiling This is how I talk when no one else is listening This is how I cope when my muse goes missing I vanish so I can go […]

Missy Jubilee. 049. Schlong. FULL SCRIPT

Watch film The narrative construct of this film involves me being completely honest & open about how I have thought about penises Let’s have a sexual conversation When I was growing up I was taught that penises were bad But I didn’t feel like that I didn’t buy in ‘I’m so wrong’ was the only […]

Missy Jubilee. 050. Deep. As fuck. SOUNDTRACK

The full extended mix of the Deep soundtrack. It’s deep. Deep as fuck Listen to some dope remixxxes  

Check out our new soundtrack, click the

Check out our new soundtrack, click the given link below Missy. 050. Deep. As Fuck. SOUNDTRACK

Schlong. A film to remember. Or forget

Watch film The background behind the film ‘Schlong’ “I name penises Steve, which is appropriate, as they are sort of shaped like my dad’s face – and he’s a dick.” – Jarod Kintz, Chattering Teeth Behind this episode is the stinkaroo of pain. Never before have I had to finish a film in such a state of […]

Individual frames from Episode 48. CockD. SFW

For NSFW frames from episode 48, click here Watch film

Missy Jubilee. Episode 48. CockD. Full script

Watch film I feel like I was born then everything got complicated That brings us up to date COCKD Loaded & ready. To burst Men renounce whatever they have in common with women so as to experience no commonality with women; and what is left, according to men, is one piece of flesh a few […]

Missy Jubilee. Episode 047.1 Schtick Films

Watch a Schtick Film Listen to the Schtick soundtrack Look at Schtick pictures (SFW) Look at Schtick pictures (NSFW)

Individual frames: Episode 46: Loosey: (SFW)

For the NSFW individual frames, click here

Full script: Episode 46: Loosey

Full script episode 46 ‘Loosey’ – you’ve got a branch loose up in your head forest girlfriend Watch film “Trust is like a mirror, you can fix it if it’s broken, but you can still see the crack in that mother fucker’s reflection.” -Lady Gaga I believe the following: Nudity is not sex Nor pornography […]

Twistd. Read my mind

You’re twisted girlfriend   Missy Jubilee. Twistd

Script for the upcoming film ‘Loosey’

Long form script: episode 44 of 250 “Loosey” You got a branch loose up in your brain forest girlfriend This was a film about a 30 year best friendship That experienced an unfortunate side hustle Towards nope, no way, nuh uh The cause was circular And yet distant Perhaps I was only Coherent as a […]

Masturbativ. Episode 43 of 250. Pre-release preview

Masturbativ Writing the code of a corrupt human Watch film Script  Do you ever wonder if loneliness is a truth or a war? Like North Korea it is a state that defies negotiation Loneliness is a relationship with oneself in itself Allowing conscience to crawl from under the bed and say fuck it if I […]

Washing Day. Epilogue. In Nihilism I Trust

She fucked up She slipped up She got all hooked up With what she shouldn’t Have No-fucks-given sex A river of perversion In search of the soul-less sea Inside me Baby girl Got turned around Turned out Seeking the impossible When it wasn’t probable Thinking in such a way Non linear Non logical Living On […]

How I Loved, And Lost…More Than My Keys

  How many times Have I walked away from love I can’t count The times I don’t remember What I didn’t have Inside of me I have only been in love Once before now I fucked it up Threw it away And it hurt There were Curtains of rain An empty pain Tear stained pages […]

Washing Day. An over-exposed pictorial

Washing Day An over-exposed pictorial deep dive into my childhood confusion regarding the sexualisation of domestic chores – for an audience of one peeking over the neighbours fence. His name was Brian. I wonder where he is now. I hope I didn’t break his brain Stills, long form script & background briefing about the upcoming film ‘Washing […]

Sunday Summer Afternoons. Australian Style

Sunday afternoons in Australia are pretty relaxed if you live by the sea. This is our version We go to our spot at 7pm – which is known to cinematographers as ‘God Light Hour’. God is a very good lighting director This is the spot we go to – about 5 metres from the ocean This […]

The Isolation of the Hater

  After publishing “Diary of a violent, time traveling space cadet” – I received this e-mail from someone who seems un-happy that I wrote about my love for my husband of 10 years…. “Max putting up with your crazy shit is the closest thing I have seen to unconditional love on this planet. That said […]

Diary of a violent, time traveling, space cadet

Diary of a violent, time traveling, space cadet Subtitle: Courts are for judgment. Not poets interosculate/verb – to form a connecting link Earth interosculating with Missy This is Houston Mission Control What’s your attitude Missy? Over My attitude Is I am searching for a way To forget Houston To forget my dubious gangster credentials Ugly things are […]

Two years lived fermentationally in the world of Low Down Dirty Art

An ode on taking sensible advice … In the business Of a life Lived At the mercy of Art And past carnal encounters Days are dirty Low down Dirty For reasons best known to… Who cares You got the gist It’s hard It takes more Than one note to Create a harmony So ‘they’ say […]

My First Kiss Made Me Wet

“Kissing is a means of getting two people so close together that they can’t see anything wrong with each other” – Rene Yasenek I think about More Than I forget But This early memory For me Is The essence of Wet My first kiss Was A watery abyss A scene from Titanic That I wish […]

My recipe for writing about sex. You can read it. Or eat it

  My recipe for baking literary cakes About my sex life is: 1 part fantasy A tablespoon of memories 500ml of sexual experience Pour into a witches crucible Pre-heated to hot-as-hell Then Cool for a nano-second, but not long enough to reflect on Then Churn Burn And Crush Un-neccessary morals Into scattered pigments of knowledge […]

8Ball. Not just a game in a bar

  8Ball is not just a game in a bar On the street, it’s also a weight The film 8Ball is an old memory Of a 2nd hand sexual experience Reborn as a surreal collage Living life like everyone is watching A bare arse bandit in a pool hall Where the main dish is me […]

Knowledge. Why I Write & Read

Days when my motivation experiences a rallentando Due to everything I don’t know rallentando/adjective, adverb – (music) becoming slower, slackening. Word Origin: Italian, from rallentare, to slow down Some days I need a password A password to A site Called Days when the gut is wrung full of knots Knots you need knowledge to Get […]

I Was A Troubled Child Gone Wild

She is frenetic, said some Possessed, exclaimed others But she did not try to injure anyone — Lucien Arreat, “Pathology of Artists,” The Alienist and Neurologist   The Troubled Child This is the poem Of the troubled child Say it softly For the poem is wild – Can you love a monster With a frightening name Like little […]

Female executives who are driven in the boardroom are also driven in the bedroom

A quarter of men said women who are successful in their careers are more sexually voracious The best lovers do not have the biggest salaries – with people earning £15,000-£20,000 described as the best in bed Money is more of an aphrodisiac to women than it is for men But money cannot buy you love […]

My First Kiss Made Me Wet

“Kissing is a means of getting two people so close together that they can’t see anything wrong with each other” – Rene Yasenek I think about More Than I forget But This early memory For me Is The essence of Wet My first kiss Was A watery abyss A scene from Titanic That I wish […]

8 Scientifically Proven Ways To Have The Best Relationship Of Your Life

For many of us, our romantic relationships are one of the most central part of our For many of us, our romantic relationships are one of the most central part of our lives. When things are going well, they are a source of total joy; but when they’re not, our relationships can bring about heartache. […]

Missy Jubilee. Fear. Full script

Watch film Episode 40. Fear. Full script Start 9pm first night of filming Once in a while, put on your girl’s face A film of mine that you can show children without fear of arrest …shit just got real 8 hours later This film was shot over 6 consecutive nights with one camera in front […]

4 Reasons Why Women Should Masturbate More Often

In as much as men talk about their masturbation openly, many women shy off to talk about masturbation, even if they engage in it. Some others do not even want to imagine that they ought to masturbate. You need not feel ashamed of masturbating. More so, a lot of myths that surround female masturbation are […]

Christmas Eve 2014. Thoughts on being a horse

“If you are fearful, a horse will back off. If you are calm and confident, it will come forward. For those who are often flattered or feared, the horse can be a welcome mirror of the best in human nature” -Clare Balding This is Marley. Marley is an ex-racehorse. He is 15 hands high, and he […]

Missy Jubilee. Free. Stills & words from the film

Pictures of me. Words of others. Perceptions in abstract “Expose yourself to your deepest fear; after that, fear has no power, and the fear of freedom shrinks and vanishes. You are free.”  ― Jim Morrison “This very powerful and crazy stuff.  I hope it is therapeutic to write this all down.  I need a scotch […]

Free. Advance Long Form Script

Free Freedom is a big blue bus and a ticket to ride People often ask – what do you want out of this? Fame? Money? Healing? What I really want is to fix up the big blue bus, and buy a ticket to ride that says ‘you don’t have to come back here. Ever’ I […]

It Will Be What It Will Be. It Was What It Was

Sunday Morning. 7am. Meet my little friend. His name is Marley (as in Bob)

This is Marley Marley is an ex-racehorse. He is 15 hands high, and he loves hugs, especially on Sunday mornings. He’s a big softy. He also likes having his photo taken. The camera loves him, and he knows it. “When words become unclear, I shall focus with photographs. When images become inadequate, I shall be […]

Ode’s To Rejection. Naked Files 02

Watch Naked Files 02 “What inspires respect for a woman, and often enough even fear, is her nature, which is more “natural” than man’s, the genuine, cunning suppleness of a beast of prey, the tiger’s claw under the glove, the naiveté of her egoism, her un-educatability and inner wildness, the incomprehensibility, scope, and movement of […]

Sexologists defined which erotic fantasies are normal

        Canadian specialists conducted a research to get to know which erotic dreams are within the norms, and which are not normal. Researchers decided to sort out the problem not via a way of physical tests, but to conduct polls among the citizens of the country. The summary is published in the […]

How a $250 Erotic Massage Led To A Surprisingly Happy Ending

Ellie, a high-powered attorney with a teenage son at boarding school, was in need of some sexual inspiration. She was chatting with a girlfriend, while spinning at SoulCycle about an erotic masseuse who was buzzing about the Upper East Side, giving happy endings to a bevy of increasingly turned-on wives. “He was the gateway drug out […]

Parkinson’s disease sufferers win payout from Pfizer for drug linked to gambling, sex addiction

Pat Galea, who suffers from Restless Legs Syndrome, was part of the class action against drug company Pfizer. Photo: Meredith O’Shea Almost 200 Australians who developed gambling and sexual addictions after taking prescription drugs used to treat Parkinson’s disease will be awarded compensation over alleged failures to warn them about side-effects. Drug manufacturer Pfizer this […]

Broken Things To Fix. The Writing Behind Naked Files 02

Naked Files 02 The Episode About Broken Things To Fix Like Unconditional Love, Mermaids And Unicorns One Of These May Or May Not Be Real This Episode Is Too Much Me For Me To See Clearly Or I See Too Much Too Clearly Looking Through The Interview Process My Mannerisms Are Disturbing Because I Can […]

Pornhub forced to take down giant erection

Pornhub forced to take down giant erection PORNHUB’S giant erection in New York’s Times Square has come down, apparently on grounds of taste. The 17mx15m billboard was a shot in the dark for the porn giant, which had not previously made a big splash in public places. But the campaign, featuring the design of competition […]

The new UK porn legislation will turn erotic film into boring, unrealistic male fantasy

Prohibiting something doesn’t make it unattainable, it only makes it more desirable  Today, pornography in the UK has been quietly censored, with a long list of acts now banned from film. As an erotic film maker, I’m saddened by what I hear, not only because my fellow producers will suffer as businesses, but because what […]

Sexologist finds most people wonder if their sex lives are normal

Sex three times a day. No sex at all. Asexual. Highly sexual. Scared of sex. Sex drought. Can’t stop thinking about it. Am I normal? It’s a question that clinical sexologist and counselling psychologist Sarah Calleja hears often from clients at her South Yarra consulting rooms. And the answer, you will be pleased to know, […]

Why Great Sex Is An Art Form

A few weeks ago I sat in a poolside cabana at The Avalon, a mid-century jewel of a hotel in Beverly Hills, eating dinner with a man who told me: “To you, sex is art.” I was both flattered and amused. Amused because we hadn’t even slept together — he was referring to my blog. […]

Disco Shit

Disco Shit The 100% Pure Colombian Remixxx Music From The Film Nudimatik What Is DJ’ing In Front Of 20,000 Drug Fucked Australians At Outdoor Dance Festivals In Summer In 34 Degree Celsius Heat Like? Well… Do You Ever Have A Recurring Dream That You’re At A Picnic Table Listening To A Conversation And You Realize […]

‘This is really embarrassing but…’ The quirky sex questions everyone’s too shy to ask

Some sex secrets are standard ‘water cooler’ material (‘I’d do Chris Hemsworth in a heartbeat’). Others get spilt, along with the red wine, over dinner with good friends (‘I miss what I did with my ex’). There’s a couple we might tentatively whisper in the ear of a chosen few (‘Do you ever, you know, […]