Missy Jubilee. 062.2 Nymphette. FULL SCRIPT


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I was 16 years old. I weigh 50 kilos
I look at the world differently. It sees me differently
Shame is my constant companion
But an added dimension walks into my life
I become aware of sex & sensibilities
Now when I walk along the beach
For the first time in my life. People notice me
People of the male persuasion
People I didn’t know
People who reminded me of my father and my uncle
#Innocence is in the eye of the beholder
Men would come up to me as I walked
And engage in the smallest of small talk
I noticed one thing I had never seen before
They all saw me with intensity
Because I gave them permission to
I learned about rejection early in my life
And was constantly trying to avoid it
But now I was surrounding it at every opportunity
And taking every opportunity I knew I shouldn’t
In hindsight, All for one reason
To create a memory
I would never wear a bra
So their smiles were always faint & lopsided
Small tells of little thrills
As their eyes moved down my body some
Their body language said
I just want to crash into you
When I would turn
To continue on my way
Their faces would let out
A long sorry sigh
I would grow to love that look
That look of disappointment
For a lost opportunity
That could have been
It was so familiar
In that look
I had created
Some small amount of suvival
At a molecular
Now I was one molecule less alone
I began to understand
Why other girls
resist for a moment
Just for that
Sweet look of regret
That was confirmation
I was all
That man wanted
For that moment
In time
I wanted every man to thing of me that way
Are you scared?
A voice in my head asked
Scared? I scoffed of what?
Anything real
Don’t be silly
I’m flirting with my thesis
That all men have two qualities
They are judgmental sluts
What the hell kind of degree is this anyway?
At this stage in my life
It seems to be a doctrate in dick tease
But this isn’t me
In my day to day life
I could never find
The courage to talk to boys
Much less tease them
Yet here I was
I had a hidden agenda
And it wasn’t very well hidden
I guess you only tease
The ones you love
I would learn one important lesson
From this two years of my life
Dangling a carrot in front of a donkey
Or anything else for that matter
Is not nice and not fair
Unless you eventually plan to give it up to them



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One Comment on “Missy Jubilee. 062.2 Nymphette. FULL SCRIPT”

  1. dirk_gently
    November 27, 2016 at 10:19 pm #

    Oh man. No point in telling you not to get into the car, what happened happened next and next happened before.

    If i’m a muppet; i’m a very manly muppet.

    So hold your breath and count to ten, if I could break the bell of time, I would; and we would all begin again.

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