Missy Jubilee. 050. Deep. As Fuck. FULL SCRIPT

Missy Jubilee. 050. Deep as fuck

Watch film

My thoughts on finishing 50 films

My father used to say to me
‘your problem is that you’re weird’

He had opinions on lots of things
But on this he was right

For three years
I have been outside looking in
At my sex life
Sprawled out on the internet
50 times through 50 films

Objectively, what I see is a girl who is in
A constant state of unrested revolutions
That started long ago

In the wasteland of life
Perhaps people don’t change

Maybe a mask
Gets permanently attached

Now I realise that
At one point early in my life
My eyes went from sadness to hardness
And a state of permanent emotional isolation
From my parents

I would never need them
To be proud of me again

This started when I was 6 year old
With ended with
Complete bitter alienation
By 14

The next film
‘Chill. And just count to fuck’
Deals with why the alienation happened
And how my sexual behaviour changed

Since I was 14
New thoughts were memorized
Like old stories of pain
To keep them alive
So I could keep falling down the rabbit hole
Of self-flagellation

These experiences stayed locked away
In my memories
Because they were shameful

But they were
Necessary as fuck
Because they were my punishment
Inflicted by me
On me
For being the me
My parents told me I was

‘A camera is pure heroin
For a poisoned soul
To witness its demonic demise’

And so these films have taken
The place of my parents
Any they have become
The only way I can talk
About my sexual deviations that resulted
From the alienation

These films are the weaponisation of my secrets

Making them gets me
Through the time
That everyone calls a while

The time between lowlights & highlights
The time between conflicts & resolutions
The time between not knowing & knowing

These films are my story
When structure is left behind
And all my neural pathways
Are reduced
To their most common
Demonic overlaps

Demon no.51
Please stand up
Your time has come

I trust that the excess of demons
I am blessed with
Will to get me to 250 films

“I’ve probably got a few screws loose up in my head”
Eminem. Will the real Slim Shady please stand up

The banjo is not always happy-go-lucky
As some my films
Are also not happy-go-lucky
Due to the emotional investment
In things I have wanted to forget

But if you asked me
What is the most important insight
I have gained from making 50 films
About my sexual history
I would say when I look over the films
I can see the gaps in my memories

From 6 years old til 14 years old
There are large chunks that just aren’t there

Previously I couldn’t see those gaps

I hazard a guess
That everything I have ever
Experienced, performed, feared, considered, or thought
Will eventually lead me back to an unknown & unacknowledged
Primal fear


The black hole that is that fear
Is buried deep in my vagina’s memory

I am
But I have a
Thunder of violence
Inside me
If that fear is

So close
To feeling like
Maybe, just maybe
I have a chance

“Whatever you do in life will become insignificant
but it’s very important you do it because nobody else will”
-Mahatma Gandhi

“When a child first catches adults out
When she finds that adults
Do not always have
Divine intelligence
That their judgments are not
Always pure
Her world falls into panic desolation
The Gods have fallen and all safety is gone

Gods do not fall lightly
They shatter violently

And the child’s world
Is never quite whole again”

-John Steinbeck. ‘East of Eden’


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One Comment on “Missy Jubilee. 050. Deep. As Fuck. FULL SCRIPT”

  1. dirk_gently
    August 12, 2015 at 6:49 pm #

    Rage at the world. Get angry at the unfairness of life. Grieve lost innocence, friends, heroes and opportunity. Roar yourself hoarse at the stupid nonsensical posts, emails and comments of your so called fans. Get it all out. But never hurt yourself or others. This is the hardest thing you will ever do. Forgive yourself. Make peace with the future. War is over. Breathe. I belieive we are all living the one life we will get and I am frankly soooo jealous that it is you not me spending it in a beautiful body, with a beautiful mind, in a beautiful part of the world, creating art.

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