50 films at 24 frames a second

Missy Jubilee. 050. Deep as fuck

Writing self help for the helpless self

Watch film

This is how I make myself vanish into nothing
This is how I see myself floating on the ceiling
This is how I talk when no one else is listening
This is how I cope when my muse goes missing

I vanish so I can go drowning in a old dream


This time is not like the first time

This one seems like….

Being relieved

Of the need

To confront the
Fragility of a father’s ego
That can’t say two words
Ending with

That are wooly
Going round & round
Weaving a coat of self justification
That has been worn wrong
For so long

Projecting angry attacks
In hatespeech sentences
A hurt child
Born to a drama scene

So perfect
So right
So angry

All the time

When you look in the mirror
Who does it blame?

Is it always the same?

She’s leaving again
Running away

Sitting in a black car ready to go
Living her life as a pipe bomb ready to blow

And everything she built
That’s all for show
Goes up in flames

In just

24 frames
Adapted from Jason Isbell ’24 frames’

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One Comment on “50 films at 24 frames a second”

    August 2, 2015 at 9:36 am #

    at 5.27 the word abandonment really resonated deeply with me, deep as fuck!
    footnote: i notice you finished this film in the wee hours of the morning, probably explains the typos? go over and re-edit, will look far more professional, im just saying is all. apart from that, as always very thought provoking, i would expect nothing less from you Missy x

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