Missy Jubilee. Episode 48. CockD. Full script

Missy Jubilee. 048 CockD

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I feel like
I was born
then everything got complicated

That brings us up to date

Loaded & ready. To burst

Men renounce whatever they have
in common with women
so as to experience no commonality with
and what is left,
according to men,
is one piece of flesh a few inches long,
the penis.

-Andrea Dworkin
American radical feminist & writer

The post-pussification of my deviant mind

I have been fairly fascinated by the penis all my life.
Not only by it’s appearance but also the feel,
and how you can manipulate it.
They are squishy and nice to touch
Long story short
I like penises

This film is one of the 4 penis monologues.

A series of film within this projekt that deal my relationship with penises

I love boners
What is boner, in the end, but a compliment made out of meat?
But they’re pretty funny looking
if they’re not attached
to someone I want to fuck.

Mr Gandhi, what are your thoughts on dick pics?

‘First they ignore you
Then they laugh at you’
-Mohandas Gandhi

Since starting this projekt three years ago,
I have received a lot of emails.

There is a constant subtheme to a percentage of these e-mails.

If I gave you a crayon, could you draw a conclusion?

This is a collection of penis photos sent to me by men,
unrequested might I add.

Bonerfied disembodied body parts on the electronic hunt for lady bits
A collection of phone poles unrestricted by pants

The Penis.
Now a standardized unit of measure for male photography

From Ancient Greece, to Michelangelo to porn, and then to me

At its most simple, the penis is an injection device for sperm
Male masturbation is all about erections so porn transformed penises from injection devices into the centre
of attention.

And for portrayal in photography or film,
the bigger the better.

If you see your penis here,
did it just get wired in a meta kind of way?

Society tends to assume that women do not respond to visual sexual stimuli,
while certain individual men sometime assume the opposite.

How many men think a simple cock shot will bring the ladies running?



According to a recent study, 45% of women have received R-rated photos from men.

While men think
‘who wouldn’t want a sexy shot of my manhammer’
all hoping women would find their schlong as amazing as they did.

‘My dick is a moonbeam’ STUART DYBEK “Sauerkraunt Soup”

However, most women feel different.

“I felt visually assaulted” was the most common reaction.

It has become the online equivalent of the subway flasher.
Like it or not, penises are not breasts.
It’s a double standard, to be sure,
but everyone knows this.

Just to be clear
I’m not the kind of girl
who clutches her pearls in horror
over the idea of an R-rated pic.

In the age of the internet
there is no such thing
as a selfless dick pic.

These pics are merely
part of a special fantasy,
the only elements required are
that I be a human woman
with an e-mail address.

There are very low bars to entry

p.s. a girls got to have a hobby,
but I do worry about myself sometimes

‘Men consist of 2 parts. The mind. And the penis. The penis has more fun’
-Woody Allen

I have never dealt with anything more difficult than my carnal desires.
Memories of who I was, before the world told me to be someone else.

I love boners,
40% from knowing I made that happen,
50% from thinking about what will happen and
10% from the aesthetic ridiculousness of the penis

‘The first thing to know about your penis,
it is not your penis.
God created you and it is his penis.
You are simply borrowing it for a while’
-Mark Driscoll. Megachurch Pastor

Reflections on life.
Photos are taken
as a return ticket
to a moment
that no longer exist

In a fake Japanese accent….
“Wow! Penis so big! Soo big penis”!

Same old shit that way
Crazy new shit this way….



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One Comment on “Missy Jubilee. Episode 48. CockD. Full script”

  1. dirk_gently
    June 10, 2015 at 6:40 pm #

    Oh, is there no end to it?

    Oh it is just the fish eye lens methinks. I have to get a grip.

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