The Isolation of the Hater



After publishing “Diary of a violent, time traveling space cadet” – I received this e-mail from someone who seems un-happy that I wrote about my love for my husband of 10 years….

“Max putting up with your crazy shit is the closest thing I have seen to unconditional love on this planet. That said – It pissed me off when he kept the camera rolling during the unraveling. I saw it as one of two possibilities. You required him to or he doesn’t give a shit. I believe in the benefit of the doubt so let assume shit given. Fine. The fact that he is twenty years older than you is some fucked up Woody Allen shit. But fine. I think I had a point I was  going to make but it floated off the edge of the infinity pool. Oh yeah, Go be fucking happy. My essence ripped like an old oak from my rocky soil. Painstakingly extracted with surgical precision. And all without anesthesia bitch. What???????? Yeah. Taste the clean margins. Mmmmmmm Salty. I’m the gingerbread man. Bitch. Play nice”

Long story short, I think this person thinks he is in a relationship with me

Play nice?

You can vomit out invective, resentment and judgment – and then you tell me to play nice

I won’t play nice

I’ll play real

And in public

So let’s play

The Isolation of the Hater

Inciter of rage
Inciter of hate
Unworthy of grace
Unworthy of respect

Infective invective
Just waiting for the opportunity to slip out
And there it is
All slipped out

Words as weapons
Weapons of hate
Spoken so vehemently
With so much zeal
To throttle your own
Illusion of your
Delusional truth

Do you
Just die a little each day
I keep pulling the trigger
On my reality
That is not yours?

You’re not dead

You’re irrelevant

And possibly
A tad deluded

Maybe even a bit more
Than a tad

Who just flipped my give-a-shit switch off?

You did

Yours, while writing a notes to myself like… fuck you. fuck me? fuck you! what? nevermind. #inafuckinpropriate #seriouslywhat?

Missy Jubilee

This has been a short chapter from Missy Jubilee’s ‘Vagina’. My Life from the Inside Out

It contains fancy-schmancy odes about my life & abnormal existence within normal society, at a speed of 80,000 words a year

Disclaimer: These sentences were constructed by a button pushing monkey in the Missyverse Highfaluting Word Factory located in Outer-La La Land

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2 Comments on “The Isolation of the Hater”

  1. dirk_gently
    January 15, 2015 at 10:43 pm #


    Rule 1. NEVER give opinions about a couple’s relationship to either party of the couple. It is tantamount to standing between them. It is wrong on all levels. It is also one of the only bits of advice I ever got from my late Grandfather. So it must be true.

    Rule 2. If you are going to use analogies, best to use some that make sense. What started (in your quoted correspondence) as a misguided and unwanted piece of advice appears to descend towards the end into something quite weird and incomprehensible. It is far too cryptic for me.

    Anyway, the email invoked a response, which I would hazard to guess, was the point. I love a good repartee. I particularly like the line ‘infective invective’. It was not ineffective.

  2. January 16, 2015 at 6:10 am #

    Ignore such messages, every reaction to this nonsense encourages to be the writer in the law

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