4 Reasons Why Women Should Masturbate More Often

In as much as men talk about their masturbation openly, many women shy off to talk about masturbation, even if they engage in it. Some others do not even want to imagine that they ought to masturbate. You need not feel ashamed of masturbating. More so, a lot of myths that surround female masturbation are just that, myths. If anything, this is a very healthy practice. Masturbation is a natural act of releasing your sexual tension and enjoying your sexuality. Though masturbation may not be openly discussed, there are some great benefits it offers.

Before we begin, one must appreciate that no two woman’s genital regions are similar. These areas just are like fingerprints. None are unique. The experiences of masturbation thus may differ from one woman to the next. Below are some good reasons why you ought to masturbate more often.

1. You understand your body and mind better
It is only through masturbation that you get to understand what stimulation you prefer and what turns you on. As each person has their own independent fantasies, it is during masturbation that you get to live these fantasies and understand whether your body may respond as appropriately as would be desired. When masturbating, how do you feel? What do you desire your partner to do to you so that you can feel over the moon? The fantasies you have while masturbating should give you mental cues to help you meet and achieve your needs.

If you also happen to have a challenge to get to arousal, it is through masturbation that you solve this. You know what you want and what you respond to better. Toying around with yourself is the surest route to understand what it is you desire or where you need to be touched to be aroused. Try out the various erogenous zones and while playing with them, get to understand which you respond to best. These erogenous zones include the nape of the neck, the back, the breasts, the nipples, anus, the knees, the clitoris and vagina as well as the navel. Understanding the different sensations caused while trying these areas out are key in teaching you how best to respond to the said sensations. Use of toys is also highly recommended if you find you have trouble reaching orgasm.

2. Masturbation has its own set of health benefits
One of the key health benefits of masturbation is that it helps alleviate stress. When you get into the arousal phase and start playing around with the clitoris or vagina, research has shown that the brain releases endorphins. Endorphins are also referred to as the feel good factors that aid in the good feel you get after orgasm.

Stress on the other hand is caused by cortisol hormone release in the brain. When you stimulate yourself and orgasm, cortisol hormone production is inhibited, thus the reason as to why you feel relieved of stress after orgasm through masturbation.

Masturbation has also been shown to offer a lot of reprieve for people who suffer regular cramps during their period. It has been shown that the rhythmic contractions at the floor of the pelvis that occur during orgasm prevent the contractions that are felt during pregnancy. According to a study published in Sleep Medicine, Masturbation can also help you sleep much better because of the endorphins which are produced at orgasm.

3. You get to become a sexier individual
As you self indulge in masturbation, you get to learn that it is an all together great method to enjoy your sexuality and the same is protruded outwards. Just because you enjoy sex with your partner does not mean that you should not enjoy the same sex with yourself. In self indulging, you get to enjoy the best of both worlds, even if you get to engage in sex on a regular basis with another individual.

4. Masturbation with a partner is just awesome
When you masturbate with your partner, you not only get to grow your relationship, but you also get to enjoy your bodies and shift focus from pleasing each other. It is through this practice that you get to realize as a couple of the value of self pleasure as well as personal care within a relationship. Masturbation also helps improve communication channels as you feel that you have all your lives as an open slate. In self pleasing, you also get to learn how to be a better lover and understanding what to give to your partner better. What’s more, you get to avoid the dreaded STI’s as well as pregnancies.

So, what are you waiting for, go and explore yourself. No need to feel shy, enjoy your body to the best of your ability. Touch yourself to recognize the light bulbs in your body that ought to be touched that you have been ignoring for all this time. When you do, you will be grateful you did so.


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