Sexologists defined which erotic fantasies are normal






Canadian specialists conducted a research to get to know which erotic dreams are within the norms, and which are not normal. Researchers decided to sort out the problem not via a way of physical tests, but to conduct polls among the citizens of the country. The summary is published in the Journal of Sexual Medicine.

“Sexologists use a precise criterion of pathological fantasies. In those fantasies there is a pain being done, there are partners who refused to have a sex. Besides, those are the fantasies without which a person cannot get satisfaction. However, if one does not take into consideration the strict framework, which fantasies one can call weird and unusual, and which are normal? We polled Canadians and figured out that authors of DSM-5 (American handbook for definition and statistics of mental disorders) are close to the truth. Sexual fantasies strictly divide into two parts, – uncommon (for example, “golden shower”) and popular”, said the head of the research team.

Traditionally, scientists analyzed sexual fantasies while preparing a poll for students. The Canadian group took a more representative sample and polled 799 grown-up men and 718 grown-up women from Quebec. The average age of the polled is 30 years old. To take part in the poll one had to fill in the questionnaire, list one’s sexual fantasies, and describefavorite fantasy in details.

As it turned out, men have more such fantasies than women, and, generally, they are brighter. However, fair sex frequently (30-60% of the polled) dreams about sexual subordination (forcing to sex,spanking). Results give a chance to understand interconnection of sociocultural phenomena of modern society like, for instance, popularity of “Fifty Shades of Grey” among women.

Sexologists explored that unlike men, women distinctly differentiate their fantasies and desires. Speaking about fantasies, including the most extreme (a rape), they emphasize that they do not want to live it through in reality. On the contrary, men seek to realize their sexual fantasies. In fantasies of women there is frequently a permanent partner. Married men much more fantasize about sex outside of marriage.

“One of the most striking results is the frequency of such men’s fantasies as sex with transvestite, anal sex between heterosexual persons, and also observation of a men’s partner who is having a sex with another man. Evolutionary biology cannot explain the abundance of such fantasies”, noted the scientist.

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