Disco Shit

Disco Shit
The 100% Pure Colombian Remixxx
Music From The Film Nudimatik

What Is DJ’ing
In Front Of 20,000 Drug Fucked Australians
At Outdoor Dance Festivals
In Summer
In 34 Degree Celsius Heat


Do You Ever Have A Recurring Dream
That You’re At A Picnic Table
Listening To A Conversation
And You Realize You Don’t Know
What Anyone Is Saying
Because You’re A Dog?

That’s What It’s Like

It’s As Pretty As Meat

That’s Why I Don’t Do It Anymore

The Uniformity
Of Drug Induced Choreography

Put Your Left Foot Here
Take Your Partner By The Hand
Hope And Pray They Understand
Tip Back Your Hat
Twirl Around
Put Your Thumbs In Your Pockets
And Stand Your Ground

Or Something Like That

Know Thyself

To Be A Good Big Arena Dj
You Have To Be
In Complete Sync With
Your Audience

If Your Audience Is
Off Their Collective Faces
As 98% Are
At Outdoor Festivals
Then You Have To Be At
Your Audiences Level
Or Beyond
To Get Ahead Of Them
But Be Still Highly Functioning

The Audience Takes Drugs To Forget

The Dj Takes Drugs To Remember
What The Groove Sounded Like
The Last Time They Got It Right
And The Arena Sparkled
With Wide Eyes
And Ego Validation

That Takes A Psychic Toll
On The Soul
Over The Longer Period

I’m Not A Fan Of Taylor Swift
But You Have To Admit She Has A Point
Shake It Off Girl

It’s Been A Long Time

A Real Long Time

I Don’t Do Drugs. I Am Drugs
(Salvador Dali)

Beat Break Fill:

This Is A Typical 2 Hour Set Of Mine
Reduced To 12 Minutes
For The Time Challenged

The Music I Dance To
The Music I Have Sex To


Still Do

35 Toons And 60 Samples
Crammed Into A Tight
Sonic Crawl Space
Lit By Blue Strobes
At 4am
In The Deep End
Of The Dancefloor

It Is A Set I Would Play
If I Was Operating 4 Decks
Coming In And Out Of Trax
Every 2-15 Seconds
Smashing & Bashing Beat Reversals
With Savage Tempo Changes
And Zigs Where There Should
Be Zags
Sticking To 120bpm
Isn’t In My Rule Book

Or Maybe I Missed
Dj Skool That Decade

Most Dj’ing These Days
Is Via Computers

How I Learnt

How I Roll



Scratch Fill:

This Is Musik
Dezignd 4 Dance
Pzyched 2 Sexxx
and consumed by
a generation that uses
lots of
X’s Z’s & K’s


Always Pushing

The Output Is Frenetic
The Eyes Of The Audience
Looking At Me

Synchronicities Of The
Spooky Quantum Entanglement Kind
Every Five Seconds

Oh. You’re Interesting


Somebody Say
Put Your Hands In The Air
And Just Go

Tempo Change:

I Would Watch The

I Like To Watch
More Than Be Seen
Peaking Deep Into Peoples Minds
Through Their Drug Crazed Eyes

Simple Looks
In Particular Arrangements
According To My Perception Of
Their Accord
Or Discord

It Was
What I Wanted
What I Needed
How I Fed

Vocal Sample/Smash Cut:

But Now Is Different

Beneath The Sunscreen, Sweat And Epidermis
There Beats A Heart & Brain
That Wants More
A Sonic Constructionist
Can Provide

But I Still Look For The Same Things

Such As The Thrill
Of The Ramp-Up
And The Epic Conclusions
As You Have Controlled
The Floor
From Start To End

But Now
In A Different Form
And Function

That Allows For
Hyper Personal Expression
Of A Truer Kind

Maybe Even A Statement
And A Cause
That Will Do A Bit Of Good
As Well As
Helping Me Be Light
And Getting My Head Groove Right

What’s Left Unsaid
Says Everything

It’s Been A Long Time

A Real Long Time

Repeat chorus:

It’s Been A Long Time

A Real Long Time

While Putting My Hands In The Air, Like I Just Don’t Care
Jump Around. Jump Around



This Week, I Have Decided To Name My Pretend Band ‘Pretty As Meat’

I Have A New Pretend Band Each Week

Last Week I Was A Member Of Brock Rock & The Pop Sprockets

The Week Before That I Was A Solo Artist
By The Name Of Mona Lisa Deadface

The week before that I was the percussionist in my pretend band called

Ladyboy Keanu and The Reeves Sisters

This Is One Of The Ways I Keep Myself Entertained

It’s Sad I Know

But Should I Ever Start A Band, I’m Very Prepared
(For The Naming Of The Band)

My Favourite Pretend Band So Far Was
Barbie Christ And The Peoples Republic Of Rap

It Was Ironic
Because They Weren’t Even
A Rap Act

“Don’t Trust
Who Labels
As Not Appropriate Behavior

All Outside Of
Appropriate Behavior

That’s Where I Live

In Freedom

(Frank Moore. Erotic Pioneer. Inspiration)


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  1. DM
    November 29, 2014 at 8:34 pm #

    That DJ tho

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